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Dynamic Routing in Logistics: The Key to Sustainability

October 01, 2020

To maintain customer satisfaction and eliminate logistics failures, implementation of a dynamic routing platform will help. Dynamic routing in logistics means that routes are created from scratch using a given set of orders and also allow adjustments based on traffic-related or weather issues. The main advantage of dynamic routing is scalability and adaptability.

8 Ways in Which B2B Last-Mile Delivery Can Catch Up With B2C Standards

October 01, 2020

With every passing year the need to shrink fulfilment cycles is becoming more urgent. This is a particular problem in the B2B segment, where ticket sizes of items are larger and cumbersome. Even back in 2018, companies mentioned that the huge bulk orders reduces the efficiency of B2B ‘last mile delivery’. Hence, enterprises need a modern last-mile delivery platform.

Typical Challenges in Omni-Channel Logistics

September 29, 2020

Omni-channel logistics can be defined as a phenomenon that ties together inventory, distribution and logistics across sales engagement channels, including in-store, social media, eCommerce portals among others. Achieving seamless omni-channel logistics demands all supply chain stakeholders, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers, working in tandem.


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