Learn How Hilti Achieved A 6% Increase In On-Time In-Full Deliveries

  • Real-time track & trace visibility to customers
  • Data-driven transportation/carrier management
  • Reduced loading time at the warehouse
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Learn How Tata Steel Reduced Transportation Risks By 57% With Improved Visibility

  • 360-degree real-time visibility
  • Seamless integration with cosigner ERP systems
  • Reduction loading, transit & unloading transit time by 32%
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Learn How DHL Doubled Courier Satisfaction Through Last Mile Automation

  • Innovative new offerings such as parcel shop pick-ups & mobile depots
  • Seamless integrations across disparate IT systems
  • Auto-routing to enhance speed of delivery and improved ETA adherence
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Learn How A Leading American Furniture Retailer Achieved A 97% Increase In ETA Accuracy

  • Efficient orchestration of inbound logistics operations
  • Increased flexibility to customer to pick delivery slots
  • Dispatch scheduling & routing automation based on customer's choice
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Learn How A Leading Postal Organization Successfully Launched Grocery Deliveries

  • End-to-end automation & order level visibility
  • Real-time order level tracking
  • Actionable alerts & notifications
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Learn How The World's Largest Pizza Delivery Chain Reduced Delivery Turnaround Time By 27%

  • Gamification of driver operations & improved performance management
  • Reduced delivery time from 30 to 22 minutes
  • Effective surge demand handling with driver crowdsourcing
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Learn How Amway Transformed Deliveries Into Delightful Experiences

  • Empowering low-tech carriers to deliver superior customer experience
  • Zero-error ETAs to customers
  • Personalization of deliveries & real-time track and trace
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Learn How Blue Dart Increased First Attempt Deliveries By 22%

  • Real-time web-based scheduling, assignment, auto-routing & monitoring of orders for managers
  • Mobile app for drivers to plan, deliver and update
  • Electronic, zero-touch proof of deliveries for contact-free deliveries
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