How Hilti Delivers An Amazon Like Delivery Experience In The B2B World

  • Learn how Hilti provided an Amazon-standard delivery experience to its customers
  • Learn how hilti streamlined their delivery operations with 100% automation
  • Learn how 3PLs are increasing OTIF deliveries by 6% to improve customer retention rates.
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32% Reduction In Loading, Transit, Unloading TATs

  • Learn how Tata Steel decreased theft & pilferage rate by 57%
  • Learn how Tata Steel reduced TAT by 15%
  • Learn how to improve operational visibility by 100%
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DHL Doubles Courier Satisfaction And Increases Courier Productivity By 15%

  • Learn how DHL increased their customer satisfaction rate by 2X
  • Learn how DHL increased their delivery driver productivity by 15%
  • Learn how to Improve delivery transparency with real-time tracking
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Pizza Chain Uses Gamification To Slice Delivery TAT by 27%

  • Learn how leading Pizza chain cut delivery time to 22 from 30 min
  • Learn how enterprises enhanced fleet productivity owing to real-time tracking
  • Learn how digitalization helped a global company boost greater profitability
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How Amway Improved Its Delivery Happiness Score

  • Learn how to stick to Accurate ETA’s
  • Maximum visibility of 3PL providers
  • Streamline delivery processes with complete transparency
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BlueDart Increases Its First Attempt Success Rate By 22%

  • Increase first attempt delivery success rate by 22%
  • Increase customer retention rate by 38%
  • Reduce operational cost & turnaround time by 27%
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How Century Express Increased Its 'Real-Time Visibility'!

  • Learn how a leading courier company increased customer success rate by 41%
  • Learn how leading 3PL company increased its fleet productivity by 21%
  • Learn how enterprises are reducing operational cost & turnaround time
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How Mara Xpress Improved Its Productivity By 50%

  • Learn how are enterprises increasing productivity by 50%
  • Learn how Mara Xpress increased customer retention rate by 38%
  • Learn how to reduce fuel consumption and shorten delivery TAT
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