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Optimizing the Last Mile Delivery Experience to Drive Customer Retention

Today, consumer expectations continue to change and fulfillment options grow. Big & bulky retail brands must offer a seamless delivery experience. Learn how different fulfillment options can boost the competitive edge with last-mile delivery while creating positive consumer experiences.

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Last Mile Excellence—The Low-Hanging Fruit in Reducing Carbon Emissions

One of the biggest opportunities for immediate reduction in carbon emissions is optimizing transportation, delivery, and reverse logistics. A modern continuous route optimization system can play a key role in near-term reduction of carbon emissions for delivery-intensive organizations.

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Retailer's Guide To Crafting Superior Experiences Through Digital Delivery Models

  • Know why top 500 retailers are focusing on curbside deliveries
  • How eco-friendly deliveries will be soon driven by customers
  • What it means to build zero-distance supply chains and how it boosts loyalty

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6 Ways To Ensure Sustainable & Profitable Deliveries

  • Get insights into how to reduce loading loading,unloading time by more than 30%
  • Know how your peers are leveraging routing to shrink delivery turn-around-time by 27%
  • Learn how efficient routing, better control and enhanced visibility can boost delivery profitability

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Why Crowdsourcing Will Become The De Facto For Profitable Deliveries

  • Know how to scale delivery operations without hurting your bottomline
  • Learn how to register drivers, upload identity proofs, check driver status and more through one-click
  • Get insights on how a centralized dashboard can optimize KPI management and boost visibility

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COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Kit

  • Making more sense out of knee-jerk reactions during the pandemic
  • Setting up contactless deliveries in an quick manner
  • Streamlining driver operations with necessary precautions

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