Learn How Tata Steel Reduced Transportation Risks By 57% With Improved Visibility

Wouldn't it be great to have end-to-end visibility of all your shipments as it moves through your supply chain? The visibility through the supply chain is like a black box and leaves the logistics managers asking questions, which are difficult to answer with certainty, hence hindering their response.

Download Case Study to know how FarEye helped Tata Steel FAMD gain real-time visibility Tata Steel FAMD lacked visibility of its goods at every link of their supply chain. Their goods are driven by the market-owned vehicles, which are 100% fragmented. With uncertainties, hovering around at all ends Tata Steel was looking to solve this problem with real-time updates, Estimated Time of Arrivals and complete visibility of their goods. FarEye enabled Tata Steel FAMD with complete control and visibility of their shipments thus creating digital & reliable supply chains. We also provided Tata Steel FAMD with KPI Benchmarking and gave management the access to analytical dashboards, reports, and records to help in better decision making. Download the case study to know how we created MAGIC!