The Carbon Crisis:CO2 Emissions Can Choke Your Bottomline

Rising levels of CO2 emissions are not only hurting the environment but can cause serious financial dents to your business’s bottom-line in the guise of penalties. Governments across the world are building stringent laws to curb CO2 emissions and failing to comply with these laws can result in penalties stretching up to $60,000.

Logistics stakeholders play an important role when it comes to saving the Earth from increasing carbon emissions. Savvy businesses across the globe are embracing advanced digital tools to curb their carbon footprint and stay compliant.

Did you know that tools like electronic-proof-delivery (ePoD) can reduce paper usage by 10% and prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gases?

Download this report and learn how you can shrink your business’s CO2 footprints and secure your bottom line.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Learn how digitalization can help you save upto $7,980,000

  • Get critical insights into global environmental norms

  • Learn how you can increase first-attempt delivery success by 30%

  • Know how digitalization can help you save 3.8 million gallons of gas/day