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Excelencia en la entrega de última milla: Mejorando la experiencia del cliente como medio para impulsar las utilidades

Las expectativas de servicio de los consumidores continúan al alza, exigiendo entregas rápidas y sin errores, visibilidad de punta a punta, conveniencia y flexibilidad. La inflación y el creciente costo de insumos y mano de obra dificultan a los comercios a diferenciar su oferta solamente por precio...

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Perfecting the Customer Delivery Experience to Boost Top- and Bottom-Line Performance

Customers’ expectations for delivery excellence continue to climb for faster error-free delivery. So retailers and brands compete on service and delivery, as they become ever more critical elements of success. Read the ebook to learn the key pillars to achieve last-mile delivery excellence.

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Turn your deliveries into a competitive advantage with FarEye’s Last Mile Mandate

  • Dramatically simplify the most complicated aspects of delivery logistics
  • Deliver a cohesive experience from order to delivery

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Optimizing the Last Mile Delivery Experience to Drive Customer Retention

Today, consumer expectations continue to change and fulfillment options grow. Big & bulky retail brands must offer a seamless delivery experience. Learn how different fulfillment options can boost the competitive edge with last-mile delivery while creating positive consumer experiences.

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Last Mile Excellence—The Low-Hanging Fruit in Reducing Carbon Emissions

One of the biggest opportunities for immediate reduction in carbon emissions is optimizing transportation, delivery, and reverse logistics. A modern continuous route optimization system can play a key role in near-term reduction of carbon emissions for delivery-intensive organizations.

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Retailer's Guide To Crafting Superior Experiences Through Digital Delivery Models

  • Know why top 500 retailers are focusing on curbside deliveries
  • How eco-friendly deliveries will be soon driven by customers
  • What it means to build zero-distance supply chains and how it boosts loyalty

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