Machine Learning In The Transportation Industry A Reality Check

Our research with more than 80 leaders in the industry explores some of the critical challenges the transportation industry is facing today and how they are planning to leverage machine learning-driven (ML) driven technologies to address the same.

Top transportation challenges according to industry leaders:
>Lack of visibility and poor customer experience
>Inability to handle exceptions and reactive logistics processes
>Increasing threat of theft and pilferage
>Rising demand for on-time in-full deliveries

Global businesses are deploying FarEye’s ML-powered logistics platform to address these challenges. It’s empowering businesses by:
>57% reduction in theft and pilferage
>6% increase in on-time in-full (OTIF) deliveries
>2X increase in customer experience
>15% increase in delivery productivity
Learn more in the report on how FarEye can enhance your transportation operations.