Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Let us show you how you can get 25% more deliveries daily

Go Mobile, Become Agile!

Business Process Automation – The term is a power that gives your full-fledged company the potential to optimize its operations further. To avail this capability, mobility needs to be the central resource that your organization needs in order to conduct its wide array of tasks. Whether is orchestrating your staff, enabling faster decision making, or real-time monitoring of your resources – everything can be tackled with Enterprise Mobility.

Fareye’s end-to-end Mobility Management applications aids in managing the workforce and integrate business processes in manufacturing and production, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, and human resource in a single software system. Our software provides an entire gamut of planning and management that is highly secure, reliable, and user-friendly.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobility Leads to Competitive Business Advantage

Achieving a modular delivery is possible only via increased flexibility and versatility in your business operations. Fareye’s comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management offers end-to-end strategies and solutions that aid in:

  1. Realizing your mobile potential
  2. Optimal utilization of resources
  3. Creating, deploying, and managing with faster turnaround times
  4. Addressing the challenges and opportunities of your ongoing business based on real-time
  5. Inclusion of last-minute glitches, customer vagaries, change in schedules, extra jobs
  6. Smarter and quicker decision making

Our highly advanced enterprise solution offers you a roadmap to develop optimal strategies that will align your planning and execution channels. With the support of a well-configured, mobile-enabled platform, you can cover every aspect of your field operations and successfully control it.

Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Services and Solutions

Leads to increased productivityFacilitated collaboration between different departments and workforce accelerates the business process and leads to an increased productivity. Also, elimination of manual planning, availability of accurate reports, easy and quick decision making allows smoother and smarter operations.

Employee and Customer satisfaction – Meeting your commitment successfully results in 25% more customer retention and revenue. Mobility also aids faster and smarter decision-making, cost-cutting, increased responsiveness to consumer requests, capturing customer experience at the point of service, and reducing the occurrence of errors.

Real-Time Access to Data and Status Updates – Real-time updates of job status and access to all kinds of reports allows smarter and better decision making.

Cost-Benefit – Reduction in idle time, thereby providing a greater cost benefit. Reduction in manual work leads to increased participation and, therefore, more time is spent on the core task. Higher productivity results in improved consumer experience, which in turn leads to more revenue generation.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions can be configured into various segments that include Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Customer (B2C), Business-to-Enterprise (B2E), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M). Fareye provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that make your company physically, commercially, and technologically superior to other companies and enterprises.

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