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Job Description

Customer Success Operations

Job Title - Customer Success Operations

Exp.- 2-4 Years

Job Description:-

As we are an Enterprise SAAS company, where our customers pay us over time, Customer Success is absolutely vital to our long-term profitability. 

We will not be successful unless our customers are receiving massive value from our service. We’rehiring a Customer Success Operations Manager whose mission will be to drive theeffectiveness and efficiency of our Customer Success team. You will report intothe VP (or Director) of Customer Success and will be their trusted partner indefining customer success objectives, strategy, and tactics and in implementing processes that scale.



1. Data 

·        Reporting: Report to executives and the board on past results and renewals and upsell forecasts, e.g. through dashboards and presentations 

·        Analysis: Track leading indicators of renewals and upsell, and analyze them to understand what’s going well and what’s not 

·        Alerts: Monitor and inform against upcoming renewals, changes in adoption, usage

·        EBR: Facilitate CSMs in creation of EBR documents 


·        Customer Lifecycle: Determine the timing and content of touch points for CSMs along the customer journey, to drive optimal adoption and net promoter score 

·        External Communications: Coordinate with Communications leads to synchronize email outreaches with CSM touch points 

·        NPS: Run NPS program for clients along with VP CSM and Marketing team

·        Risk Management: Detect early signals of at-risk renewals, design playbooks for CSMs to address them, and provide path to escalation 

·        Opportunity Management: Identify top candidates for upsell 

·        Cross-Functional Coordination: Coordinate cross-functional processes that help meet renewal and upsell targets and deliver on customers’ needs, including processes for CSMs to: 

·        Relay customer feedback to the Product team 

·        Align with the Support team on resolution of major cases and report bugs to the Engineering team 

·        Provide feedback to Sales on the readiness of our customers 

·        Help the Onboarding team overcome any delays in implementation 

3. People 

·        Team Structure: Tier existing customers, assign them to CSMs, re-distribute workload as needed, and forecast hiring needs 

·        Compensation: Determine the metrics on which bonuses are based, and define targets for those metrics 

·        Enablement: Provide materials and data that help CSMs work more effectively 


·        Systems: Implement and manage software that facilitates CSM activities 

·        Ensure  is our company’s single source of truth for customer health

·        Create dashboards to measure customer success 

·        Develop ideas for how teams can use , and share during our monthly CSM syncs 

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