FarEye Platform

Logistics Management Software for Seamless Deliveries


FarEye Platform Overview

FarEye platform has the capability to rapidly create custom logistics/supply chain processes for your business, that are secure & scalable and can be integrated seamlessly with existing hardwares or softwares. To help you go-to-market faster, FarEye platform automates your business processes, deliver benefits of mobility and more.

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Build Logistics Processes Quickly

FarEye has created world's first programming language to build logistics applications with a simple 'Drag&Drop' feature, enabling enterprises to reduce time to build new delivery processes from quarter(s) to week(s) including testing and scaling. The platform gives the utility to write program on individual steps as process to take decisions, define the step and run the script as part of the process. It also allows exception monitoring for predictability.

Business Process Management Engine

FarEye’s customizable mobility platform is built on Java and Microsoft Azure cloud services. The technology team at FarEye is constantly developing industry’s most efficient algorithms that help companies increase their operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and generate new revenue streams by building customized products on top of the ready platform.

Built on BPM framework, FarEye helps you quickly build new products for your eCommerce or retail customers like store pickups, time-bound deliveries and reverse pickups. The web platform empowers managers with tools for higher efficiency like efficient route optimization, live tracking and predictive delay calculation. The native mobile application empowers delivery agents to pick and deliver seamlessly with real-time updates.

Artificial Intelligence For Rule-based Decisions

FarEye platform provides flexibility to write scripts which get executed in real-time for smarter decisions to optimize cost and time.

Machine Learning For Improved Performance

FarEye platform learns about the customer, his/her preferences from every pickup and delivery attempt and feeds it back into the system to improve customer satisfaction.

Encryption & Login Prevention

Keep your data safe with FarEye's special set of tools to prevent any unauthorized mobile logins.

  • IMEI verification blocks any logins from unverified IMEI Devices.
  • MDM blocks/restricts access to certain features/applications such as data on/off, application installation, settings, browser etc.
  • SSL Encryption - All communications between FarEye app and server are end-to-end 128-Bit SSL Encrypted.
  • Single sign-on allows better user role management and to keep a check on who accesses what.

Integration With Powerful APIs

FarEye APIs help access, modify and report organisation’s data and raise notifications when it changes. Our APIs for an enterprise are more like products than code. With the source of data and powerful set of capabilities to process and compose the data, we can enable designing, building, testing through the deployment. FarEye APIs enable fast deployments, rapid changes, innovation and experimentation.


FarEye’s analytics module improves operational efficiency, increases revenue streams and redefines customer experience. Transform your business with the fastest and industry's most powerful analytics module now in-built in FarEye web & mobile portal. We turn operational raw numbers into meaningful insights to help enterprises with data-driven decision making.

Power Of Mobility, Instantly!

FarEye extends the power of mobility to business which allows user to communicate with managers and customers while on the go. Mobile dashboards enable executives to plan and optimize their day with just a glance.