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Staying Connected with Customers In The Age of Contactless Deliveries

May 07, 2020

Remember that casual fist-bumps you had a habit of doing to thank the pizza delivery guy for delivering food in the wee hours of the morning? Well, those are memories now and we are not going to relive it anytime soon. Such is the power of the vicious COVID-19.

Contactless Delivery Software: What it is and How it Helps Businesses Ensure Customer Loyalty

September 03, 2020

Contactless deliveries are here to stay and retailers who do not offer contactless deliveries are already late in the game. This post emphasizes the importance of contactless deliveries and the steps organizations need to take in order to deliver safe and contactless home deliveries.

8 Reasons Why Business Need To Drive Contactless Deliveries

September 03, 2020

Even as the lockdown measures are easing, many retailers are struggling to get back up to speed as traditional methods of selling are not working anymore. So, they have had to find innovative ways to sell their items and retain their customers. One such solution is contactless delivery.