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FarEye Zero-Fee Technology To Handle Surge And Execute Contactless

FarEye will provide its solution - FarEye SERVE, free of cost -

How To Reduce Carbon Emissions In Your Supply Chain?

nature wildlife and humans are tied together in a very fine balance increasing carbon emissions triggered by irresponsible logistics execution is disrupting this well preserved equilibrium global warming forest fires rising air pollution melting glaciers are signs of a depleting natural environment it's not too late to reduce carbon emissions in isolation the numbers might appear trivial

Let There Be Light - FarEye Diwali Celebration 2019

When we say FarEye family, we actually mean it and the spirit with which Diwali 2019 happened at FarEye stands testimony to this fact.For FarEye, it is Wow greater than Profit. It is a place where aspiration meets ambition, where dream job meets gratification and where hard work meets recognition.

FarEye Connectors - Faster Go-Live and secure data interchange across

omni channel retail is here to stay and so is home delivery with a plethora of order and pickup combinations how do you retailers make sure their IT systems seamlessly talk to each other the ERP the CRM the order management system the delivery management software uninterrupted and error-free flow of data is a non-negotiable for error-free deliveries FarEye

FarEye Delivery - The world's most used Parcel Delivery Platform

in today's digital age is an on your way message good enough the customer first places an order online the far I system receives it via API integration the customer is now prompted to pick a convenient delivery time slot based on different criteria and customer preferences the system Auto generates routing and order allocation the manager can also do this manually once the orders out for delivery

FarEye Zulu - The Chatbot

Zulu-FarEye’s intuitive chatbot that simulates human conversation to address customer queries through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Streamline human-machine interaction for routine tasks, common queries and structured instructions.