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The Road To Profitability: Powering Postal Journeys for New Revenue Streams

The postal renaissance is underway globally and the key to survival is taking operations digital. The transformation was further accelerated by the pandemic when on-time deliveries became almost necessary. In such a scenario, postal companies have found a new but highly significant stature as nobody aces last mile connectivity as they do. However, to pivot into more profitable ventures, it requires cutting-edge technology capabilities especially in highly competitive businesses such as home deliveries with strict deadlines and high customer expectations.

Blurring The Lines Between Legacy & Modern Supply Chain and Logistics Management

We are at a point when the end-customer experience is not just a function of last-leg alone but a net result of the entire span of the supply chain. Large enterprises that still carry the heavy baggage of legacy systems in supply chains have now been mandated by market forces to embrace new technology and advanced tools to deliver an experience that is relevant to the current times.

Driving Superior Delivery Experience With Data And Technology

Southeast Asia is a fast-growing eCommerce market. As more and more people shop online, retailers and shippers demand more from their logistics providers. They want deliveries to be fast, flexible, personalized, affordable, and convenient because that is what their customers expect from them. Unarguably, logistics providers cannot fulfill these demands if they continue to use their legacy IT systems, manually plan deliveries, and have no control over the fleet.

Delivering Smiles In The Last Mile

The increasing adoption of eCommerce in the MENA region has fuelled abundant opportunities for logistics organizations and retailers alike. However, with a young and smartphone-savvy population that wants better eCommerce services and faster deliveries, there are multiple challenges that retailers need to address to make the whole experience seamless.

Learn from Mihin Shah, CSCO, Landmark Group, Shekhar Tiwari, Managing Director, Supply Chain, Sales Ops, and Network Operations, Accenture and Harish Krishnan, Business Head, FarEye about the changing retail landscape, upcoming trends, and how the Landmark Group continues to deliver smiles in the last mile.

The De Facto For Profitable Deliveries

Last-mile delivery is the most complicated and costly leg of the supply chain accounting for almost 41% of the overall logistics cost and further increases due to failed and delayed deliveries. This puts immense pressure on retailers and businesses making online deliveries to create the balance between surging demand and customers’ expectations of same-day without decimating their bottom lines.
In this webinar, Tim Wills, Chief Marketing Officer at Peak-Ryzex, and Larry Klimczyk, President, FarEye Americas discuss this challenge and how with the right set of technology retailers can make deliveries profitable.

From Buzzwords To Action: Efficient Deliveries in the Post-pandemic World

Since the pandemic started we have been hearing multiple buzzwords from every possible source. However, just that knowledge is not enough. In this webinar, Poi Hierro, Group Head, and Director, Technology, and Engineering at Entrego and Amit Bagga, Chief Revenue Officer at FarEye help us separate the reality from hype. They share their views on the relevancy of new technologies and strategies to adopt them.

Last Mile, First Priority: Enhancing Deliveries

Learn from experts at Honeywell and FarEye about how they are helping organizations like yours in conquering the last mile challenges by ensuring smooth and timely deliveries, protecting employees and customers, adjusting freight priorities for essential services and maximizing fleet vehicle uptime.

The Changing Delivery Landscape: Amidst and Post the Pandemic

An unprecedented amount of chaos has shaken up the world. The reverberations of the COVID’19 would not subside anytime soon. But unlike pandemics of earlier centuries, eCommerce and home deliveries have significantly helped control its repercussions. Demand spikes along with uncertain regularizations & fleet availability have led the companies to look for ways to transform their operations. Watch the webinar to learn how businesses, especially those providing home delivery services, need to build supply chain operations that are resilient to demand shocks and can quickly respond to ecosystem disruptions.

Thinking Outside the Package: Action Plan For Courier & Postal Industry

The Courier, Express & Parcel industry is at a major crossroads today and is about to undergo a transformation quicker than ever before. In this webinar, Stephen Stanton, Chief Business Officer at Emirates Post and Harish Krishnan, Business Head at FarEye will be talking about the tsunami of changes that the industry has faced in the past few months and how in the current scenario- courier, express and postal enterprises have become an inseparable part of the entire home delivery ecosystem.

Contactless Delivery: Rethinking your delivery strategies in today's business

In the logistics segment, Bill of Lading (BOL) is a significant part of the delivery process. It establishes proof that that the package has been delivered and acts as a receipt. However, recent safety protocols have required traditional BOL data captures for both commercial products and essential goods to become contactless. Let’s discover how we can help large-scale logistics firms automate the paper ticket process and be compliant with current safety protocols.