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Digital transformation in the retail sector has seen an exponential increase over the past year with logistics technology being a key focus. While conventional logistics and delivery solutions offered by third-party service providers certainly enhance delivery routing plans and processes, not all of them provide detailed and real-time visibility on deliveries. In this webinar, hosted in association with AWS, leaders... Read More

The postal renaissance is underway globally and the key to survival is taking operations digital. However, pivoting into more profitable ventures requires cutting-edge technology capabilities especially in highly competitive businesses such as home deliveries with strict deadlines and high customer expectations. Join the webinar to learn about key technology trends that will enable postal organizations to diversify,... Read More

A decades-long focus on supply chain optimization to minimize costs, reduce inventories, and drive up asset utilization has removed buffers to absorb delays and disruptions. New supply chain technologies can dramatically improve visibility across the end-to-end supply chain and support agility and resiliency, without the traditional “overhead” associated with risk management techniques. Join us for a roun... Read More

We are at a point when the end-customer experience is not just a function of last-leg alone but a net result of the entire span of the supply chain. Large enterprises that still carry the heavy baggage of legacy systems in supply chains have now been mandated by market forces to embrace new technology and advanced tools to deliver an experience that is relevant to the current times.

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Southeast Asia is a fast-growing eCommerce market. As more and more people shop online, retailers and shippers demand more from their logistics providers. They want deliveries to be fast, flexible, personalized, affordable, and convenient because that is what their customers expect from them. Unarguably, logistics providers cannot fulfill these demands if they continue to use their legacy IT systems, manually plan de... Read More

The increasing adoption of eCommerce in the MENA region has fuelled abundant opportunities for logistics organizations and retailers alike. However, with a young and smartphone-savvy population that wants better eCommerce services and faster deliveries, there are multiple challenges that retailers need to address to make the whole experience seamless.

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