4 Real-Life Use Cases That'll Inspire You To Digitalize Delivery Operations

  • Learn how leading Pizza chain cut delivery time to 22 from 30 min
  • Improve KPI benchmarking, fleet productivity and employee engagement
  • Reduce manual processes by automating order allocation and digitalizing remote verifications
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Why Crowdsourcing Will Become The De Facto For Profitable Deliveries

  • Know how to scale delivery operations without hurting your bottomline
  • Learn how to register drivers, upload identity proofs, check driver status and more through one-click
  • Get insights on how a centralized dashboard can optimize KPI management and boost visibility
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6 Ways To Ensure Sustainable & Profitable Deliveries

  • Get insights into how to reduce loading loading,unloading time by more than 30%
  • Know how your peers are leveraging routing to shrink delivery turn-around-time by 27%
  • Learn how efficient routing, better control and enhanced visibility can boost delivery profitability
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COVID'19 Disaster Recovery Kit

  • Making more sense out of knee-jerk reactions during the pandemic
  • Setting up contactless deliveries in an quick manner
  • Streamlining driver operations with necessary precautions
  • Way for the future - More sustainable and agile supply chains
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Best Practices for Businesses To Survive Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Know how to efficiently drive ‘contactless’ and ‘leave-at-door’ deliveries
  • Learn how to incorporate urgent delivery tasks into existing workflows
  • Know how your competition is scaling deliveries without hiring more drivers
  • Gain insights to develop relevant pricing strategies
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Achieving Operational Visibility In The Modern Supply Chain

  • Learn how digitalization can help you save upto $7,980,000
  • Get critical insights into global environmental norms
  • Learn how you can increase first-attempt delivery success by 30%
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The Carbon Crisis: CO2 Emissions Can Choke Your Bottomline

  • Learn how you can slash 12 pounds of CO2 every day
  • Learn how you can increase first-attempt delivery success by 30%
  • Learn how leading enterprise increased first attempt deliveries by 30%
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Ending The Amazon Apocalypse: How To Optimize Intermodal Delivery Operations

  • Learn how automated fleet scheduling can reduce delivery costs by 27%
  • Learn how leading enterprises are boosting their fleet productivity by 15%
  • Learn how to reduce fuel consumption and shorten delivery TAT
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Machine Learning In The Transportation Industry A Reality Check

  • Learn how leaders in the industry are reducing 57% in theft and pilferage
  • Learn how enterprises are leveraging ML to optimize operations
  • Learn how 3PLs are increasing on-time in-full (OTIF) deliveries by 6%
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New Rules For Improving Grocery Delivery & Boosting Last-mile Performance

  • How to reduce 57% in theft and pilferage
  • How to increase 6% on-time in-full (OTIF) deliveries
  • How to increase customer experience by 2X
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Route Optimization Software: Unearthing Paths That Lead To A Profitable Supply Chain

  • Learn how global pizza chain, reduced delivery time by 27%
  • Learn how leading courier company improved fleet productivity by 15%
  • Learn how 3PLs are reducing 40% overhead fuel consumption per delivery
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A Simple Fix For 94% Of Business Struggling With Logistics Visibility

  • Learn how leading 3PL, is generating 13% more profits by meeting high levels
  • Learn how enterprises are improving customer retention to boost profits
  • Learn how leaders are using digitalization to reduce transit theft
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