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FarEye Improves Delivery Speed, Cost and Efficiency

Make logistics operations resilient, automate core delivery processes, gain end-to-end logistics visibility and ensure delightful delivery experiences with FarEye’s enterprise grade logistics management software.

Enterprise Grade Platform For Logistics Management

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Last Mile Execution

Seamlessly execute first, middle and last-mile operations and improve cross-dock management.

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Predictive Visibility

Get end-to-end predictive and multi-modal visibility and gain ML-driven business insights.

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Carrier Management

Intelligently select carriers/3PLs based on KPIs using data-rich performance management portal.

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Contactless Deliveries

Eliminate physical contact, display staff's health status to customers and simplify curbside pickups.

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System Integrations

Seamlessly connect disparate IT-infrastructure across warehouse, transportation and 3PL ecosystems.

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Loop Optimization

Drop conventional routing practices and drive non-linear and continuous reoptimization loops.

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Crowdsource Drivers

Onboard temporary/part-time drivers and dynamically manage them to meet flexible business demands.

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In-App Gamification

Reduce freight damages, improve vehicle utilization and use gamification to boost driver productivity.

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Personalized Deliveries

Integrated web & mobile platform for delivering personalized and transparent deliveries.

How FarEye’s Logistics Management Software Can Help

Drive Faster and Same Day Deliveries

Ensure same-day deliveries by leveraging dynamic routing tools, auto-allocate and schedule delivery tasks and plan highly efficient multi-drop deliveries with FarEye’s platform.

Improve Margins and Delivery Profitability

Eliminate unnecessary delays, reduce vehicle idle time, curb empty miles, improve capacity utilization, optimize fleet utilization by leveraging FarEye's logistics management software.

Build Brand Loyalty

Ensure post-purchase order visibility to customers, drive seamless customer communications via intelligent chat tools and provide convenient delivery/pickup options using FarEye’s logistics platform.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Optimize fuel consumption, eliminate unnecessary diversions, minimize dependency on paper based transactions and communications by using FarEye’s logistics platform software.

Boost Logistics Productivity

Shrink loading and unloading times, make in-plant logistics productive, boost compliance with FarEye’s auto-scheduling and route optimization features that helps to lessen the loading time and stop instances between halts in routes. This enables businesses to achieve greater delivery productivity.

Learn How FarEye Can Help You Optimize Last Mile Deliveries

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