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Changing Times

India's logistics and transport industry have witnessed a rapid expansion and substantial development in the last few years. The logistics market in India comprises shipping, port-services, warehousing, rail, road and air freight, express cargo, and other value-added services.

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Computer News ME


Kushal Nahata, Co-founder & CEO, FarEye on why adapting to new age digital technologies is the key to providing superior customer experience in the digital era.

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Cargo Talk

Start-ups twirling the logistics environment

Start-ups are not only evolving rapidly but have become a crucial part of the logistics eco-system within a very short span of time. Cargo Talk talked to industry veterans who helped cull out necessary factors for a logistics start-up to flourish successfully.

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Network ME

Company Profile

FarEye was founded in the year 2013 by Kushal Nahata, Gautam Kumar and Gaurav Srivastava. Before developing the award winning FarEye platform, that is enabling digital logistics of enterprises across the globe, we started our journey by developing a sensor based automation system that assisted physically challenged people and juggled with GPS tracking systems, also developed an application for LPG leakage. FarEye started its journey in the Middle East in 2014 by capturing its first marquee client – to digitalize its last mile deliveries which then led to many more client wins like Century Express, Noon , Mara Xpress et al.

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Computer Weekly

Saudi’s growing e-commerce market offers global tech opportunities

As the kingdom’s e-commerce market grows, the country will also be required to grow its logistics market in tandem to meet demand, according to Kushal Nahata, CEO and co-founder of logistics software firm FarEye.

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Business Line

Keeping desk-less workforce on track

“When we started FarEye in 2013, an interesting data point at that time was the price crash of smartphones,” says Kushal Nahata, CEO and co-founder of the global digital logistics start-up.

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