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FarEye’s predictive logistics platform enables enterprises to orchestrate, track, and optimize their logistics operations. From predicting what’s unseen to unearthing efficient paths that lead to a customer’s doorsteps, we are the force driving next-generation logistics operations with advanced last-mile execution, actionable predictive visibility, and customer delight across the purchase journey. Expand your solutions with our Partner Connect Program. Fill the form right away to learn how we can collaborate with you to provide solutions to your existing and future customers.

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The scope and context of the supply chain has changed over the years. With the open marketplace model engulfing the entire retail side of the business and the growing expectations of customers, there is a tight dependency on the supply chain and its efficiency. Download the whitepaper to learn how to begin the process of modernizing your supply chain by evaluating your organization's gap in operational visibility.

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In the logistics segment, Bill of Lading (BOL) is a significant part of the delivery process. It establishes proof that that the package has been delivered and acts as a receipt. However, COVID’19 safety protocols have required traditional BOL data captures for both commercial products and essential goods to become contactless. Watch the webinar to discover Honeywell and FarEye can help large-scale logistics firms automate the paper ticket process and be compliant with current safety protocols.

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An unprecedented amount of chaos has shaken up the world due to COVID’19. But unlike pandemics of earlier centuries, eCommerce and home deliveries have significantly helped control its repercussions. Demand spikes along with uncertain regularizations & fleet availability have led the companies to look for ways to transform their operations. Watch the webinar to learn how businesses, especially those providing home delivery services, need to build supply chain operations that are resilient to demand shocks and can quickly respond to ecosystem disruptions.

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Learn from experts at Honeywell and FarEye about how they are helping organizations like yours in conquering the last mile challenges by ensuring smooth and timely deliveries, protecting employees and customers, adjusting freight priorities for essential services and maximizing fleet vehicle uptime.

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Last-mile delivery is the most complicated and costly leg of the supply chain accounting for almost 40% of the overall logistics cost and further increases due to failed and delayed deliveries. This puts immense pressure on retailers and businesses making online deliveries to create the balance between surging demand and customers’ expectations of same-day without decimating their bottom lines.
Watch the webinar to learn how with the right set of technology retailers can make deliveries profitable.|

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The COVID’19 pandemic has clearly disrupted retail and amplified the velocity of final mile delivery. All the while, customer expectations are as high as they have ever been. Learn how technology can improve the customer experience at points of order and delivery and drive improved outcomes from the final mile to the first mile.

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Best for businesses that need to offer advice and guidance to customers while leveraging FarEye’s sales and marketing skills. This requires far less investment while still gaining "commission" for introducing FarEye to new customers.


Best for businesses that want to invest, with us, in training, marketing, and sales resources to both gain and service customers. This investment enables you to expand your solution offering, increase profits and build future customer loyalty. Resellers own the customer relationship.


Best for businesses that are looking to provide better service to their customers while remaining focused on their core business areas. This investment enables you to offer bundled solutions with access to our new products and feature release information, training and joint go-to-market support.

Value Proposition

Co-branded Sales Collateral No Yes Yes
Onboarding/ Management Process Overview Yes Yes Yes
FarEye Partner Relationship Manager No No Yes
FarEye Product Training - Onsite No Yes Yes
FarEye Product Training - Online Yes Yes Yes
Partner Logo On FarEye Website (Under Partner Section) Yes* Yes Yes
Use Of FarEye Partner Program Logo Yes Yes Yes
Joint Marketing Activities No Annually Quarterly
Co-Branded Customised Marketing Collateral No Yes No
Knowledge Transfer To Partner's Sales Team Yes Yes Yes
Sales Support On Customer Opportunities Yes No No
Access To FarEye Partner Events & Webinars No Yes Yes
Joint Go-To-Market Plan No Quarterly Quarterly
Support From FarEye's Pre Sales Consultant Yes NA NA
Technical Integration Support Yes Yes NA
Product Road Map & Strategy Briefing Yes Yes Yes
Relationship Manager For FarEye Yes Yes Yes
Technical Point of Contact Yes Yes Yes
Execute Mutual NDA Yes Yes Yes
Agree To FarEye Partner Program Terms & Conditions Yes Yes Yes

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