Key Challenges

Identifying the most optimum route

Identifying the most optimum route

mapping it with the delivery sequence

Mapping it with the delivery sequence

real time constraints

Factoring real-time constraints (traffic, weather, diversions)

Reducing empty miles

Reducing empty miles

Achieving ETA accuracy

Achieving ETA accuracy



Navigation assistance

Navigation assistance

Centralized visibility

Centralized visibility

route deviation tracking

Route deviation tracking

instant alerts

Instant alerts

How FarEye Can Help
Delivery Routing Platform

FarEye is a fully customizable SaaS platform that has helped world’s leading brands solve their routing challenges and achieve timely deliveries. Here are some capabilities of FarEye which can help you tackle the challenges in your routing operations.

fully customizable solution

Fully customizable solution

address geocoding

Address geocoding

address intelligence

Machine learning-based address intelligence

real time dynamic routing

Intelligent vehicle & route selection


Magic geofencing


FIFO assignment to first available driver

customer DNA

Customer DNA mapping


Real-time dynamic routing


Slot-based segregation & color coding

load balancing

Load balancing

Interactive route maps

Interactive route maps - drag & drop parcels

custom routing

Custom routing - buffer time breaks


Improved Routing Efficiency

Increase your logistics teams’ routing efficiency through automated route planning. Help your delivery staff achieve increased productivity and incentives.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Meet your carbon footprint and sustainability goals with reduced empty miles. Reduce fuel costs and missed deliveries due to inefficiencies.

Improved Operational Control

Provide your dispatchers better visibility and control over routing operations. Leverage the platform’s address intelligence capabilities to fulfil deliveries optimally even when address formats are inconsistent.

Increased Deliveries

Achieve more deliveries with improved routing and help your drivers reach peak efficiency. See an impact on profitability through both cost savings and additional deliveries.

Transform Your

Routing Operations

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