Intelligent Customer Experience

Intelligent Customer Experience
The Landscape

While enterprises are constantly looking for ways to transform customer experiences, 66% of them confirm that their existing systems do nothing to impact customer experience positively.

In the ecommerce industry experience is the new loyalty. Customers are increasingly shifting towards an omni-channel model. They want to engage with brands that understand their preferences and are able to establish a deeper connection with them - delivery expectations, payment preferences and lifestyle choices. In this scenario, brand experience is largely defined by its logistics journey. In an online-first world, logistics is the only actual touch point between the brand and its customer. The stakes are very high as just one bad experience can stop the customers from returning ever.


Inconsistency of experience

Inconsistency of experience

lack of personalization and flexibility

Lack of personalization and flexibility

Ensuring safety in the delivery

Ensuring safety in the delivery

carrier accountability for customer experience

Carrier accountability for customer experience

Visibility blackbox from order to delivery

Visibility blackbox from order to delivery

lack of proactive & ral time customer communication

Lack of proactive & real-time customer communication

Customer Experience Solution For E-Commerce

There is an increasing dependence on third-party logistics service providers and partners to fulfil customer orders in which scenario, there is less control on brand identity, inconsistent experiences at different touchpoints and lack of transparency in the order-to-delivery cycle. Anything less than a superior customer experience would result in customers switching over to other brands as they have a plethora of choices to choose from. Hence enterprises need to create a differentiated yet consistent experience to ensure repeat purchases and increase value per customer.

FarEye’s experience loyalty solution brings together enterprises and their partners while keeping the customer at its heart. This allows brands to forge loyalty by creating experiences that engage customers on an emotional as well as on a transactional level.FarEye seamlessly orchestrates logistics processes and allows enterprises to guarantee delightful, branded and personalised customer experiences to drive business growth and ensure brand loyalty.

Key Highlights

delivery and return

Flexible and self-service slot booking for deliveries & returns

track and trace capabilities

Instant order-level track and trace capabilities

special delivery instructions

Special delivery instructions(pickups, drop offs, messaging)

Establish secure and seamless communication

Secure & seamless communication with drivers

customer feedback

Digital proof of delivery and customer feedback

wallet integrations

Wallet integrations

personalized product recommendations

Personalized product recommendations

saf & compliant deliveries

Safe & compliant deliveries

Own Your Customer Experience

Despite the involvement of third-party partners, deliver a branded and consistent customer experience. Build brand loyalty through differentiated customer experiences with increased transparency and real-time visibility from order to delivery.

Improve Profitability

Drive upsells and more sales through personalized product recommendations through customer’s behavior and purchase history. Increase customer retention, customer lifetime value and repeat business with enhanced experience loyalty.

Safer Deliveries At Scale

With unique features like driver temperature tracking & advanced contactless capabilities, make your deliveries safer & trusted. Leverage the highly scalable solution from FarEye to achieve contactless deliveries even during unexpected demand surges.

Improve Collaboration

Achieve better collaboration among all stakeholders in the delivery ecosystem through seamless orchestration. Reduce operational costs and delivery times with improved collaboration and achieve more on-time deliveries.


Intelligent Customer Experience

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