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Intelligent Delivery Visibility

Key Challenges in Achieving Real Time
Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility

visibility to end consumer

Visibility to end consumer

carrier level visibility for shippers

Carrier level visibility for shippers

courier level visibility for managers

Courier level visibility for supply chain managers

store to customer visibility

Store-to-customer visibility

SLA adherence

SLA adherence

Data silos across systems

Data silos across supply chain systems

How FarEye Can Help
Logistics & Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

FarEye, a SaaS-based real time visibility platform, successfully handles more than 5 million transactions everyday. The platform’s ability to seamlessly digitise 3PL carriers operations and quickly integrate with external systems for predictive visibility has gained immense traction globally, positioning it as a marquee top-tier provider.

Customization capabilities

Customization capabilities


Alerts &

anytime anywhere track and trace

track & trace

real time constraints

ETA prediction with
real-time constraints

role based visibility

Role-based visibility

control tower visibility

Control tower visibility

app based tracking

App-based tracking

chatbot based updates

Chatbot-based updates


Customer Experience

Supply chain visibility applications help a great deal in delivering a predictable Uber-like experience for customers thereby reducing customer anxiety and forging stronger relationships.

Comprehensive Control Tower

With regards to supply chain management, you cannot control what you cannot see. Easy identification of dark spots with the help of end-to-end, single pane of glass visibility to all stakeholders.

Flexibility Across Carriers

To ensure efficient supply chain planning, carrier level visibility is critical because you could make more informed carrier selection decisions driven by past performance metrics and how your demand curve shapes.

Competitive Advantage

Supply chain visibility at a granular level paves way for companies to drive better control in terms of cost and stronger customer relationships. This ensures better customer retention thereby giving competitive advantage.

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