Intelligent Delivery Visibility

Amplifying real-time and actionable multimodal visibility across the ‘order to door’ journey in supply chain

Real-time and Actionable Visibility
of Shipments Across All Supply Chain Modes

Global trade is resuming its leadership position after the explosive supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. From fashion retail to consumer electronics to automotive, all major industries have lost millions of dollars due to supply chain bottlenecks.

A prime challenge that shippers and carriers face today is unexpected disruptions. This creates shipment delays in global multimodal supply chain operations - air, ocean, rail, road and adversely impacts business; delayed raw material procurement, warehouse mismanagement, underutilization of resources, OTIF penalties and low CSAT scores due to delayed e-commerce deliveries.

FarEye’s Intelligent Delivery Visibility solution establishes real-time visibility of shipments across all transportation modes and empowers customers with actionable insights to take actions and achieve on-time delivery of shipments across first-, mid- and last-mile.

Supply Chain Visibility: A Challenge to
Consumer-facing Shippers and Carriers

visibility to end consumer

Lack of real-time shipment visibility across air, ocean, rail, road, parcel and intermodal logistics

carrier level visibility for shippers

Inaccurate or no ETA for both inbound and outbound logistics

courier level visibility for managers

Unable to track specific shipments using order ID or PO number

store to customer visibility

Complexity in integrating visibility solutions with legacy TMS, WMS, ERPs

SLA adherence

No single source of truth due to scattered data across multiple systems

Data silos across systems

Long lead times to connect and go live with the right carriers in multiple geographies

Data silos across systems

Cost implication for carriers to digitalize operations, share live location and ETA updates

Data silos across systems

Upstream disruptions disturb downstream planning; last-mile capacity planning with mid-mile ETAs

Gain End-To-End Visibility With FarEye And Pre-Integrated Carrier Network

Track your shipments in real-time in a global multimodal supply chain journey. Predict the movement of each shipment with accurate ETAs. Create a unified technology platform that seamlessly connects and interchanges data between shipment delivery, TMS, WMS, and third-party carrier network systems. We help create a better delivery experience for shippers, carriers and consumers.

chatbot based customer support

Multimodal visibility across air, ocean, rail, road, parcel and intermodal logistics

chatbot based customer support

Parcel visibility using order ID, purchase order or SKU number

chatbot based customer support

Yard visibility and control tower visibility

chatbot based customer support

Carrier and route performance visibility

chatbot based customer support

Sustainability dashboard for carbon emission control and visibility

chatbot based customer support

Dynamic appointment

chatbot based customer support

Data analytics, exceptions
and alerts

chatbot based customer support

Automation of custom supply chain workflows for actionable visibility

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at FarEye. We’ve saved 40,961 tonnes of carbon emissions

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Carrier Network and Ecosystem Partners

At FarEye, we’ve built a strong network of carriers and supply chain ecosystem partners to bring shippers and carriers together and achieve end-to-end visibility across the ‘order to door’ supply chain journey. The supply chain ecosystem partners include the world’s leading SCM, TMS, telematics systems and sustainability enablers. We’ve built one of the best pre-integrated carrier networks covering all modes and continue to onboard more carriers globally

Join FarEye Carrier Network

100 Air carriers

110 Ocean carriers

650 Rail carriers

30,000 Road carriers

1000 CEP carriers

2 million riders



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