Sales Force Automation And Order Placement

FarEye allows sales rep to punch in orders from the retailers and dealers site on their mobile phones. Orders are suggested intelligently to prevent stockout situations and high returns. Inventory visibility and access to critical information on-site allows a salesman to do a better job on-the-go.

  • Mapping of the Route Visit Plan with the sales rep as per Proposed Journey Plan.
  • Once the sales agent logs in, attendance, time and geo-coordinates are captured.
  • The sales rep captures and transmit real time status about the inventory levels, shelf space utilization, POS display and shelf positioning.
  • The manager has real time access to the sales activity summary on FarEye’s intuitive dashboard. Multiple outlets can be monitored on a single screen.
  • Necessary details to the sales rep to ensure smooth sales - retailer information at hand, history of orders placed, Fulfilled orders and previous stock taken.
  • The sales agent receives the daily beat on the mobile app.
  • Stock returns and the reason for the same can be entered and recorded.
  • Orders from the field can be punched by the sales rep and the next visit can be scheduled. Any scheme applicable is visible to the sales rep.
  • In cases where a minimum stock must be available, the order is auto-generated based on stock levels of dealers and distributors.
  • On the basis of past outstanding or credits the amount to be collected is auto-calculated. Payments collections can be done via different modes – digital and traditional.

New retailers can be added from the field

3PL software for logistics management

FarEye brings visibility in the entire distribution system by seamlessly integrating with the existing systems of your 3PL providers.

  • Orders placed by retailers, distributors or wholesalers are collated and pushed to FarEye through API integration.
  • After pick and pack an intimation goes to the 3PL software about quantity and weight of the order which helps in deciding the vehicle to be sent.
  • It is not mandatory that the 3PL uses FarEye – Through API integration we can integrate with their existing systems to get live visibility of movement of goods and proof of delivery.
  • The shipments are inscanned at the 3PL hub and the warehouse gets visibility about the status.
  • Intelligent mapping of these orders with the warehouse and 3PL partner on the basis of pincode.
  • The warehouse scans prepopulated bar code numbers for group orders before handing over to the courier partners and status is updated.
  • Incase the 3PL does not use any technology, they can manually update the status on the FarEye interface and provide visibility to the managers.

Warehouse receives the sorted orders and order quantity to be delivered.

Some case study

Playing a pivotal role in increasing reliability & transparency. FarEye is the chosen delivery management platform for Blue Dart – the world’s leading logistics company covering over 33,867 locations in over 220 countriesi

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