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As a key enabler of logistics operations, we decided to do our bit by partnering with organizations who are responding to the COVID’19 crisis through FarEye SERVE. This initiative ensures that no one is deprived of essential supplies amidst the pandemic and organizations involved in the supply of essentials like food, grocery and medicine have the necessary technology in place to execute home deliveries at no additional cost. We have partnered with over a dozen enterprises, worldwide, across multiple categories and are powering contactless, quick and efficient home deliveries.

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food pakets

Community Kitchen Delivering Food Packets

Food For All, a London based charity that produces hot meals from its kitchen every 24 hours and distributes the food packets.Food For All also trains in their kitchens with basic infrastructure, so it can be replicated and spread across far and wide. We are enabling & preparing them to deliver these food packets in the shortest possible time.

location London, UK

Essential Parenting Goods Delivery

Raising infants during lockdowns and ensuring on-time availability of essential supplies is very critical. This partnership is helping parents across Indonesia, get faster deliveries of parenting-products and have a delightful buying experience. Apart from onboarding them remotely, in record time, the platform is customized to suit Orami's business goals.

location Jakarta, Indonesia

Meat Delivery Across Romania

Meat markets at the time of social distancing is an impossibility. However, to cater to the needs of people, Cris-Tim, the largest meat delivery company in Romania ramped up their deliveries to meet surging demand. FarEye is empowering them to achieve successful deliveries.

location Bucharest, Romania

Essentials Delivery In Towns And Country Markets

While large cities have a way to cope with a pandemic due to widespread adoption of e-commerce and home deliveries, to take it to towns and the countryside is something that has to be pulled off in the shortest time frame. We have helped Pacific Mobility Group in the USA set up and run delivery of groceries to town and country markets through FarEye SERVE.

location Washington, US

Farm-to-customer Deliveries

Procurement of fruits and vegetables from farms in Nashik, an ancient town 190 kms off Mumbai, India, and delivering them in the bustling Mumbai city in these times of pandemic meant scaling up. FarEye SERVE has powered Gughe Farms to enable these deliveries efficiently.

location Mumbai, India

NGO Ensuring Delivery Of Food Packets

Feed The Hungry, an NGO based out of Bangalore delivers food packets to the needy during the pandemic. FarEye SERVE was set up and run in minimal time to ensure we could get those packets faster to the needy.

location Bangalore, India
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Who Is This For?

Organizations making home deliveries of daily essential items like groceries, food, medicines.

All deliveries to hospital sites and non-governmental organizations that are responding to the COVID-19 crisis for supply of food and medicines.

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