Digital Transformation Of Transportation For Manufacturing Enterprises

Are you ready for predictive visibility with Logistics 4.0?

Digital transformation of transportation for manufacturing enterprises

The manufacturing supply chain is a complex mesh with several gears and spokes that determine the net outcome, your product and its timely delivery. Managing production cycles, inventory, material sourcing, logistics and material handling needs a lot of precision, nuance and control especially in today’s times when robotics, automation and IoT have greatly influenced the entire manufacturing supply chain, at several legs. It is also a top priority to address pilferage, in-plant movement and 3PL management for timely movement of goods. Logistics 4.0 - which is an era of the constantly connected supply chain where every stakeholder needs to have a higher degree of visibility across the board from inventory levels to routing, to address possible performance bottlenecks proactively.

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How FarEye can help

Whether it is last-mile orchestration or personalizing deliveries or getting visibility into in-transit inventory or helping retailers make informed choices when it comes to 3PL selection, FarEye has helped giants win, with cutting-edge capabilities to transform retail logistics and supply chain operations.

What Do You Get?


In-plant Visibility

With real-time visibility into movement of goods(in trucks) within your plant, you are in a better position to plan and control the movement so that there is no chaos and the workflow is smooth. This helps you manage and keep under check crucial KPIs such as plant turnaround time, speed and several more. It also helps mitigate risk in the form of theft, route deviation, mishaps.


In-transit Visibility

En-route inventory is valuable and constant visibility until it reaches destination is critical. Leading manufacturers leverage FarEye’s in-transit visibility capabilities and monitor critical parameters like route performance, carrier performance and more. This helps logistics teams be assured about the safety and on-time delivery of their inventory at respective legs of the manufacturing supply chain.


Control Tower

Get rid of data vacuum and put to good use the valuable amount of transactional and operational data your IT systems are collecting at every node of the value chain. With FarEye’s state-of-the-art control tower visibility, you get a bird’s eye view of your entire operational landscape with extensive drill down capabilities. You can also set up real-time alerts and notifications to address issues proactively.


Plug & Play With Legacy Systems

Legacy systems have become an integral part of several organizations and there is a high degree of dependency on them for operational smoothness. FarEye can be seamlessly plugged and played with existing legacy systems and seamlessly operate on top of them.

Gear Up For Logistics 4.0 Transportation In Industrial Manufacturing

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