The Optimal Route To A Sustainable Future

With FarEye, you can reduce your carbon footprint while cutting costs

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Make your deliveries sustainable with FarEye

Measure and accelerate your sustainability efforts with continuous optimization of delivery operations across your whole supply chain. Leverage the power of FarEye's route optimization platform to create sustainable routes to achieve maximum delivery efficiency and save fuel costs.

FarEye's intelligent delivery management platform is helping its enterprise customers eliminate 21,334 tonnes of carbon emissions each year - with the possibility to save more as the number of deliveries increases. Route optimization reduces miles driven annually, ultimately reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Reducing the carbon footprint impacts a business's journey to becoming a more sustainable enterprise.

Accelerate Your Carbon Footprint Reduction

FarEye's Intelligent Delivery Management Platform

"By identifying specific areas where we can create a measurable impact, FarEye compliments our customer's efforts and goals towards sustainability on a daily basis."

Kushal Nahata, CEO, FarEye

Achieve Sustainability with FarEye

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Maximize vehicle utilization while reducing the number of miles driven per vehicle.

Cut Costs

Reduce fuel costs with efficiently optimized routes and increase profitability.

Supply Chain Optimization

Impact your entire supply chain landscape across the first, mid & last mile, and multiple modes.

Sustainability Every Step Of The Way

Achieve your sustainability goals by continuously optimizing all segments of your supply chain. Transcend the traditional approach of only focusing on the last mile and attain maximum visibility of your entire delivery journey. Explore key operational areas that will take you closer to your sustainability goals.

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Route Optimization

See a reduction of miles driven annually while increasing on-time deliveries and driver efficiency.

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Loop Optimization

Cut empty miles with auto-routing, reducing carbon dioxide emissions per year.

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Delivery Scheduling

Increase on-time and first attempt deliveries to the customer, resulting in saved time, effort, and fuel costs.

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Intelligent Address Resolution

Leverage machine-learning-based geocoding to improve address accuracy and enhance fleet utilization while reducing miles per driver.

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Collaboration Improvement

Drive better collaboration amongst stakeholders across the supply chain, reducing idling emissions and wait times.

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Optimize Returns

Reduce empties by synchronizing returns operations between customers and drivers, impacting supply chain cost reductions.

Measure Your Sustainability Impact

  • Idling Time
  • Wait Times
  • Miles Saved
  • Number Of Trips
  • Number Of Empty Trips
  • First-Attempt Delivery Rates



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Take the sustainable route with FarEye

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