The Digital Shift of Retail
Unlocking Predictive Visibility and Customer Experience with Logistics SaaS


Key Takeaways

Digital transformation in the retail sector has seen an exponential increase over the past year with logistics technology being a key focus. While conventional logistics and delivery solutions offered by third-party service providers certainly enhance delivery routing plans and processes, not all of them provide detailed and real-time visibility on deliveries. In this webinar, hosted in association with AWS, leaders from the industry discuss the priorities for the retail sector in the new normal.

  • Priorities for the retail sector in the new normal
  • The digital shift in retailing - use of technology in various aspects of sales and after-sales services
  • How logistics and delivery-related technologies are making an impact
  • Limitations of conventional logistics and delivery-related technologies
  • Advantages of deploying new-age Logistics SaaS platforms
  • Benefits of having predictive and real-time visibility of deliveries
  • Importance of scalability, security, and easy integration


Mohit Sharma

Global Business Head – Lighting

Sardul Seth

Consulting Leader, Consumer Products and Retail, AIM region

Raghav S

Strategic Account Manager

Venkatesh Sheshadri

Head, Supply Chain Consulting

Suryansh Jalan