86% of domestic Fortune 500 companies use
3PLs for logistics and supply chain functions.



As a 3PL your core competency lies in providing supply chain solutions for companies of all sizes which can add value to the shipers by allowing them to focus on their core business thus driving significant cost savings.

Optimise resource utilisation and improve SLAs with your digital assistant. Higher Ontime delivery, Digitalised payments, Pilferage and loss control for best customer satisfaction

Key Benefits


Gain visibility to optimize operations


Own the value chain


Choose shipper of choice


Operational Management



Customer Experience

Predictive Visibility

KPI Benchmarking

KPI Benchmarking

A platform that doesn’t only monitor your KPI benchmarks, but identifies your supply chain trends and re-assesses the impact of changes in real-time & machine learn the benchmarks.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

An IoT enabled Predictive Visibility Platform- that is interconnected, real-time, prescriptive, and end-to-end through the value chain. Industry ready solution to geo-based weather & traffic forecasts and a multi-modal routing engine to generate the industry’s most accurate arrival time predictions.

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Digital Control Tower

Digital Control Tower

Powered with real-time data from the largest GPS, ELD and telematics network, keep a check on current statuses of all your loads moving on ground - from a central control tower. Get easy alerts for exceptions and escalate real-time.

Operational Workflow

A Business Process Management engine powered operational workflow to drive all the action. Automate event-triggered on-field actions like toll or fuel payments or invoice generations and increase your operational efficiency. A platform that is flexible, secure and scalable with an industry ready architecture, robust web services and integrations.

Operational Workflow
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Profitability Matrix

Best supply chain decisions come from the data that you have. We make the data answer all your questions and get you tangible, quantifiable impacts for you. FarEye is designed to shape a Predictive visibility platform for shippers to achieve on-time delivery.