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Three Reasons Why Your 3PL Management Approach is Not Working

Third-party logistics (3PLs) has evolved significantly in the past few decades and they are no longer limited to transportation and warehousing. It now encompasses outsourcing everything, right from supply chain management to offering managerial and technological support to budding companies.

Reality Check: 5 Myths About Trucking Management Software

A trucking management software can ensure visibility of your fleet, enhance driver accountability, bring down expenses, come in handy during contingencies, and enhance customer loyalty.

4 Essential Features To Look For In Trucking Management Software

Having good trucking management software is a step in that direction which can ensure timely deliveries. It can also greatly help in arresting cost concerns arising out of inefficient logistics operations.

Chatbots in Supply Chains – Not a CHOICE anymore

Chatbots are no longer an optional item in supply chain management. In fact, they have become essential, almost ever user platform has one. A survey by Oracle revealed that 80 percent of brands are planning to use Chatbots by 2020. Another survey by Ubisend study has found that 35 percent of consumers want more companies to use Chatbots.

Scaling logistics efficiency with state-of-the-art trucking visibility software

The proliferation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the Trucking Management sectors is also providing innovative solutions to age-old pain points like efficiency, visibility, and route mapping.

Continuous improvement in supply chain need not be glacial anymore

Supply chain management plays a decisive role in running the day-to-day operations of any company in a smooth fashion. To be able to make the best decisions, managers constantly search for innovative ways to bring continuous improvement in their supply chain strategy.

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