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Logistics Software: Quick Tips To Deal with The Carbon Crisis

Transportation is the second biggest contributor to rising levels of GHG. Among all GHG, CO2 is the most dangerous and prevalent one and its levels today are higher than ever, primarily because we have released them into the air by burning fossil fuels.

Trucking Software: A Knight in The Shining Armor in Your Battle Against Inefficiency

The supply chain and logistics industry today is a battleground. More so because it determines two of the most important factors behind winning over competition--customer experience and price. Hence, to master the art of delivering superior customer experience and keep costs low, it’s imperative for businesses to embrace an advanced trucking management platform.

Cons of Poor Supply Chain Visibility: The Domino Effect and Increasing Costs

The efficiency levels of a supply chain have the power to make or break businesses. We are not exaggerating. Today two of the most important competitive differentiators--price and customer experience--are governed by the way a business manages its supply chain. A single disruption in supply chain processes can lead to a whole series of distortions.

8 Logistics Trends That Will Transform The Manufacturing Industry in 2020

The impact of Industry 4.0 has been driving manufacturing firms to rapidly leverage disruptive technologies like machine learning, predictive intelligence, IoT and more while running their core supply chain and logistics processes. This, in turn, is fuelling new trends in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Transportation 2020: 5 Ways ML Will Drive Higher Levels of Operational Efficiencies

As we step on 2020, businesses will leverage machine learning as a tool that directly impacts a supply chain’s chain profitability. Forbes reported that AI and machine learning (ML) have the potential to create an additional $2.6T in value by 2020 in marketing and sales, and up to $2T in manufacturing and supply chain planning.

The Hidden Costs of Running Supply Chain The Old Way

Old methods of running supply chain and logistics operations have inherent limitations when it comes to providing end-to-end visibility. Reason? These methods are driven by out-dated technologies. They surely did well at their prime, but with evolving business demands and changing customer expectations, they simply don’t make the cut.

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