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Why 1 + 1 is not 2, but 11. FarEye + Dipper = ?

As you are possibly already aware, we have a major addition to the FarEye family with the Dipper acquisition. We have been getting a lot of warm responses and queries regarding the same and I thought it would make sense to share this with you personally about the hows, whys and some more details.

How to Combine Supply Chain with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been finding numerous use cases in the Supply Chain industry. Surveys from Gartner indicate that 64% of the market leaders have already implemented AI solutions in one form or another, with 31% of them using it to automate decisions.

Fabelio Partners With FarEye To Enable Digital Logistics

With an aim to strengthen its technology offering, improve its logistics infrastructure and manage a wide portfolio of products - Fabelio, has partnered with FarEye to improve its Delivery Happiness Score. If you haven’t yet, we recommend you to order your furniture on Fabelio and enjoy the delivery experience!

What Can Team India Learn From The Digital Supply Chain World?

Just like cricket, supply chain management is a game of glorious uncertainties. Therefore, plan A does not always work. Modern digital supply chains consider various scenarios of demand/supply, work force and fleet availability, traffic conditions, customer preferences, and cost to increase predictability and certainty of operations.

Key Supply Chain Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Rising cross-border growth coupled with the advent of new-age technologies Artificial Intelligence, digitalisation and predictive analytics along with anticipatory logistics is making the logistics space exciting for 2018. We have summarised the way the Supply Chain and Logistics will shape up in 2018.

FarEye Emerges As The Unchallenged Global Leader In The Logistics & Supply Chain Industry!

FarEye brings the expertise of working with larger enterprises across the industry verticals including Express, Supply Chain, Retail, Financial Services and Pathology.

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