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Why Traditional Approach To Transportation is Risky and Needs an Overhaul

Transportation platforms powered by ML can execute a thorough analysis of historical data pertaining to route efficiency, fuel efficiency, productivity scores of a trucker, truck idling time and insights into customer feedback to help businesses accurately benchmark KPIs and consequently SLAs.

All You Need To Know About Trucking Management Software

Modern trucking management software can help businesses improve fleet visibility, reduce chances of theft, enable seamless collaboration between stakeholders, and deliver a flawless consumer experience.

Why 1 + 1 is not 2, but 11. FarEye + Dipper = ?

As you are possibly already aware, we have a major addition to the FarEye family with the Dipper acquisition. We have been getting a lot of warm responses and queries regarding the same and I thought it would make sense to share this with you personally about the hows, whys and some more details.

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