Optimize and plan resources better



Have control over your orders and plan your processes better with pre-delivery alerts and confirmations. Ask your Consignor to use FarEye Transportation!

Key Benefits


Better Customer Experience


Better inventory management and lesser stockouts


Optimize and plan resources better


Clean payment delivery confirmation


Save Man hours

Customer Experience

Enabling Digital

Expected Time of Arrival

Estimated Time OF Arrival (ETA)

An IoT enabled Predictive Visibility Platform- that is interconnected, real-time, prescriptive, and end-to-end through the value chain. Industry ready solution to geo-based weather & traffic forecasts and a multi-modal routing engine to generate the industry’s most accurate arrival time predictions.

Real-Time Visibility

We know where your material was, is and will be! Let your stakeholders be informed about in depth real-time visibility and do away with the hassle of connecting with multiple service providers. Share this information with any number of stakeholders you want to keep informed.

Real-Time visibility
Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Digital Proof Of Delivery

Electronic proof of Delivery - Capture customer receipt of shipment and acknowledgement real-time at the time of delivery. Receive real-time electronic documentation when shipments are delivered. Rate the driver experience in quantitative and qualitative forms to know what went well.