33% of businesses will get disrupted
by the year 2020



Companies with highly digitised supply chains and operations can expect annual efficiency gains of 4.1%, while boosting revenue by 2.6% a year. Visibility now beyond your four walls ,from one end of the chain to the other.

Preventive alerts and tools to manage your freight network and digitalise processes, documents, KPI generation. Digital supply chains enables businesses to respond in real time, ultimately improving the experience both for the manufacturers and the customers.

With different companies implementing the digital supply chain at varying speeds and levels, manufacturers who want to compete on a global scale and secure the longevity of their business must start implementing these changes now.

Key Benefits


Be the shipper of choice


Own the value chain


Optimise cost


Better Customer Experience


Identify and mitigate bottlenecks

Customer Experience

Predictive Visibility

KPI Benchmarking

KPI Benchmarking

A platform that doesn’t only monitor your KPI benchmarks, but identifies your supply chain trends and re-assesses the impact of changes in real-time & machine learn the benchmarks.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

An IoT enabled Predictive Visibility Platform- that is interconnected, real-time, prescriptive, and end-to-end through the value chain. Industry ready solution to geo-based weather & traffic forecasts and a multi-modal routing engine to generate the industry’s most accurate arrival time predictions.

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Digital Control Tower

Digital Control Tower

Powered with real-time data from the largest GPS, ELD and telematics network, keep a check on current statuses of all your loads moving on ground - from a central control tower. Get easy alerts for exceptions and escalate real-time.

Heat Maps

KPI and action oriented data for strategic decision making, available at a single click. See your data perform on intuitive heat maps, set filters and observe trends in user performance. Strategic decision making made easy!

Heat Maps

Electronic Proof Of Delivery(ePOD)

Capture customer receipt of shipment and acknowledgement real-time at the time of delivery. Receive real-time electronic documentation when shipments are delivered. Rate the driver experience in quantitative and qualitative forms to know what went well.

Allocation Engine

Allocation Engine is used to estimate the division of traffic in manufactured commodities among truck, rail boxcar, and piggyback.

Heat Maps