Gain 100% real-time visibility of shipments outside your four walls, on third-party assets

IoT Ecosystem


Gain Predictive Visibility

Ensures data aggregation for comprehensive carrier connectivity, onboarding and visibility. Covers the entire spectrum from private fleets to individual owner-operators, to enroute vessels through a combination of tracking technologies: 40+ IoT/ELD partnerships, Proprietary IoT sensors on a plug-and-play model, a proprietary smartphone app, and app-less tracking using cell tower triangulation

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Market Dynamics

Despite huge costs being involved in moving shipments from one place to the other, supply chain providers across the world face common challenges of delayed shipments, no visibility of goods once they have left the warehouse, pilferage and theft, inefficient operations, poor resource management and many others. A highly fragmented market with multiple stakeholders and lack of data hinders the growth of businesses. Digital supply chains enable enterprises to track and trace goods, manage inventory levels to reduce costs, and synchronize supply with demand real-time.

Data Aggregation

Connecting all stakeholders onto one platform

The B2B world today lacks data-driven optimization and predictability of freight across the supply chain. Multiple stakeholders involved in the supply chain collect and work on different data sets that are stored in silos making it impossible to have a holistic view of entire process.

FarEye Transportation has the capability to pull data from multiple sources and modes of information onto a single platform showing the right information to the right stakeholders. This helps businesses in making time-sensitive data-backed decisions.

Ensuring cross-user visibility

With multiple stakeholders involved in the movement of freight, the supply chain has historically been like a black box for enterprises. Visibility at every link of the supply chain is quintessential to have better control and transparency. FarEye Transportation helps foster collaboration among the various stakeholders and logistics processes, allowing end-to-end visibility, on-time deliveries, digitised documents and proof of deliveries, real-time alerts, KPI mapping & analysis, customer satisfaction and optimised operations.

Real-Time Updates

As the world moves towards a just-in-time manufacturing model that demands shorter and reliable supply chains, delayed shipment data is as good as no data.

Our technology provides status updates of the shipments based on live movement. It helps businesses to gain real-time visibility, focus on delayed goods to help them reach on time, predict estimated date and time of delivery, use ETA to plan next processes and keep customer informed to smoothen experience