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On-boarding FarEye is
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Getting Started

An integrated platform that promotes collaboration, transparency & leverages networks. FarEye with its Proprietary Machine Learning engine, predicts deliveries to enable on-time performance.

It provides 100% visibility across mobile & web platforms, showing the right information to the right stakeholders. We provide analysis to ascertain value performance- in one quick, user friendly view.

As a Digital Control Tower FarEye monitors complete movement of goods in real-time.

For FarEye Transportation, it is

Data > Aggregation.

"They came, they saw, they implemented- with minimal to no burden on our IT systems and teams."

"When FarEye was contracted, we had no pre-exisitng IT infrastructure for outbound tracking and had to go live in 1 week. They put us at ease, collecting all required information and implementing a 100% visibility platform in less than 7 days."

FarEye Transportation connects all logistics stakeholders onto one platform for multi-model, multi-stakeholder visibility and efficiency.

Entities coming together:
  • ERP System of the Consignor
  • TMS System/ Data from Transporter
  • FarEye Implementation Team
  • Consignor IT Team
  • Vehicle Information

"FarEye's team is well-qualified and very flexible. Their solution ensures that our supply chain is now more reliable, optimized & supports our business in making time-sensitive data-backed decisions."


FarEye’s team, service and product outperform all competitors.I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone! ”


Amway chooses FarEye to ensure its brand promise is delivered real-time