Estimated Time of Arrival


ETA Prediction
Key Challenges


On-time deliveries


ETA adherence


Missed deliveries due to ETA mismatch


Real-time constraints based ETAs


Communicating ETAs to stakeholders


Predictive ETAs & visibility

How FarEye Can Help
Predictive ETAs & Visibility

FarEye is a fully customizable SaaS platform that has helped world’s leading brands deliver a predictable user experience and achieve timely deliveries. Here are some capabilities of FarEye which can help you tackle the challenges with respect to ETA prediction operations.

Fully customizable solution

Intelligent carrier allocation

Intelligent driver selection

Machine-learning based routing

Constraint-based ETAs

Delay adjustments

Breaktime tracking

Customer live tracking of ETAs


improved delivery
improved delivery
Improved Operational Efficiency

Improved ETA predictability leads to better planning and execution of deliveries with increased efficiency.

improved delivery
improved delivery
Improved Driver Productivity

Eliminate erroneous routing and customer status check calls to improve driver productivity.

improved delivery
improved delivery
Competitive Advantage

Set new standards of adherence and stakeholder expectations and stay ahead of competition

improved delivery
improved delivery
Predictable Customer Experience

Achieve higher Customer Net Promoter Score with a more predictable delivery experience.

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