2021 Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling and Last-Mile Technologies

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FarEye Receives the Fourth Consecutive Mention As a Representative Vendor in the Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling and Last-Mile Technologies

The market for vehicle routing and scheduling and last-mile applications continues to grow as organizations are seeking ways to optimize fleet operations. The evolution of applications due to new business needs has made vendors expand their capabilities in certain areas or even specialize their products in a specific area like last-mile operations. FarEye has been recognized for our AI-based last mile delivery routing software that helps enterprises to deliver the perfect final mile experience at optimal efficiency.

Making Deliveries Better For Everyone

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21 Mentions By Gartner

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time transportation visibility platforms provide customers with real-time insights into their orders and shipments once they have left the warehouse. They provide a multitude of benefits in the areas of customer service, carrier management

Global Logistics Visibility

Global logistics visibility improves the connectivity, interoperability, and visibility of events across facilities, geographies, multiple transportation modes, suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers.

Vehicle Routing Scheduling

Gartner defines the vehicle and scheduling market as applications that help companies create vehicle routes and schedules that meet delivery objectives, considering multiple constraints, while minimizing cost and mileage of their fleet.

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