Logistics Making Logistics Processes 'Smarter'

The ecommerce-logistics industry in the Middle East region is at the cusp of digital transformation. To engage, empower and delight today’s millennials, companies have to measure the delivery happiness score of the customer and align their operations in-order to make their logistics more customer-centric and create new revenue streams.

Many countries—including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar—are leading the change with high smartphone adoption rates and social media use. Building on a history of innovation, Middle East is transforming itself into a leading digital economy—and in order to realise significant economic benefits it must bring stakeholders together:

  • To focus on developing the region’s governance, business, funding, and talent
  • Visibility, resource optimisation and business intelligence
  • Need for a neutral layer which is integrated with all legs of transportation

This report throws light on the evolution of new-age logistics, the trends in the ecommerce, and how mobility is helping them to make the most of the new business opportunities in the region.

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