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Turn the delivery experience into your competitive advantage

Enable every delivery to reach its destination every time, on-time, accurately, efficiently, and sustainably.

Simplify the delivery experience and strengthen customer loyalty

Your customers desire a personalized and seamless delivery and return experience. Your goal is to provide a cohesive experience from order to delivery by creating simplified, efficient and cost-effective deliveries that increases consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

FarEye’s platform simplifies delivery logistics throughout the entire delivery journey from first to mid to last mile, allowing you to consistently deliver on time, every time, turning the delivery experience into your competitive advantage.

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How we help you scale your business

Machine learning driven insights, visibility and decisioning for shippers, carrier networks, and consumers. Optimize your network, gain complete real-time visibility of all orders and empower your team to be proactive problem solvers.

Optimize dynamic routing, delivery scheduling, order tracking and delivery accuracy. Streamline end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment with precision while minimizing last-mile cost.

Provide flexible and frictionless order tracking and fulfillment controls in a branded consumer experience. Create real-time updates on orders to consumers, enabling your businesses to enhance the post-purchase experience and increase brand credibility.

Map business process management workflows to current operational strategies. Keep pace with fluctuating consumer demands and deliver last-mile solutions to satisfy consumers.

Solve Critical Logistics Initiatives


Dramatically simplify the most complicated aspects of your delivery logistics


Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring on-time, accurate deliveries


Deliver unique, on-brand consumer experiences from order-to-delivery


Create new, differentiated offerings that reflect dynamic consumer buying behaviors


Continuously improve the environmental impact from deliveries

See how FarEye delivers an end-to-end solutions from anywhere to everywhere.

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Owned or Managed Fleet?

FarEye’s platform allows you to efficiently orchestrate deliveries, whether you operate your own fleet, outsource or crowdsource your deliveries to third parties. FarEye brings together multiple fleet types into one solution, allowing you to manage, gain insights and visibility of your entire delivery network, empowering dispatchers to address delays or route deviations.

Scale your delivery network quickly and efficiently, manage onboarding, decision-making and exceptions, and communicate with drivers to maximize first delivery success. Create sustainable routes and integrate green fleets to achieve maximum delivery efficiency, save fuel costs while reducing carbon emissions.


Learn how a leading furniture retailer achieved a 97% increase in ETA accuracy

A leading furniture brand had challenges in meeting estimated time of arrival (ETA) promises with its customers. This lag in the promised time versus actual delivery time greatly impacted their customer experience. FarEye helped them improve their actual ETA times by 97%, which then resulted in a 300% increase in order volumes. FarEye’s platform enabled:

  • Efficient orchestration of inbound logistics operations
  • Increased flexibility to customer to pick delivery slots
  • Dispatch scheduling & routing automation based on customer's choice
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FarEye helps more than 150 customers across 30+ countries to orchestrate, track and optimize their deliveries from order-to-delivery.

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