Logistics SaaS Platform For Enterprises

FarEye’s predictive logistics platform enables enterprises to orchestrate, track, and optimize their logistics operations. FarEye empowers enterprises to win in this customer-centric era with exceptional delivery experience and efficient movement of goods for both B2C and B2B segments.

SaaS Platform Trusted By Over 150 Enterprises

More than 150 enterprises across geographies and verticals run their logistics operations on our SaaS-based and highly mobile platform. As businesses find themselves in the crossroads of improving margins and enhancing customer experience, our platform is guiding them in the right direction and by doing so we are empowering them achieve never-before seen efficiencies.

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How Do We Optimize Logistics?

From predicting what’s unseen to unearthing efficient paths that lead to a customer’s doorsteps, we are the force driving next-generation logistics operations. Here’s how we are doing it.

Accurately predict delays and easily handle exceptions. Improve customer trust by generating accurate ETAs, avoiding unnecessary delays and drastically mitigate risks like thefts and pilferage.

>55% of risks can be eliminated with FarEye’s predictive intelligence capability

Empower customers to raise quick queries through our AI-powered online chat platform. Bring disparate stakeholders across delivery value-chains on a single platform to improve decision making and expedite ticket resolutions.

20+ Delivery stakeholders can be brought onto a single collaboration platform by FarEye

One-click drag and drop workflow deployments allow businesses to go-to-market faster and shrink operational expenses. Update customer preferences on the fly and deliver 100% accurate ETAs.

>25% Reduction in delivery turn-around-time can be achieved by deploying FarEye

Give customers real-time access to delivery progress. Make deliveries flexible and improve your last-mile operations based on customer feedback. Leverage Digital Control Towers to increase fleet productivity, SLA adherence, ground-level visibility and more.

15% Increase in fleet productivity can be gained by using FarEye’s tracking capabilities

Optimize routes in real-time to shrink delivery turn-around-time. Reduce miles per delivery and boost fleet productivity. Geocode customer addresses to increase first-attempt delivery rates and ensure rapid scalability by crowdsourcing delivery tasks.

32% Reduction in loading, transit, and unloading time can achieved leveraging FarEye
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FarEye Is Not A Big IT Project

Your logistics is our concern and empowering you with high levels of operational efficiencies is our métier. FarEye's for Carriers and Shippers are helping enterprises across the globe achieve better margins, shrink delivery TAT, boost customer experience and more. Implementing FarEye isn't a big IT project. FarEye’s predictive logistics platform helps brands orchestrate, track, optimize and deliver goods faster. It empowers global businesses to shrink delivery time by 27%, increase delivery productivity by 15%, eliminate risks by 57%, and achieve optimized operations.


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Cut Through The Noise

Here's what our customers have to share


"The leading pizza chain partnered with FarEye to boost visibility and productivity of their entire delivery process while keeping costs in check. Not only did it achieve these goals, They also reduced delivery time by 27%."

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"QuadX wanted to digitalize last-mile delivery operations. FarEye customized its solution to address QuadX's key pain points. FarEye empowered the organization to gain greater control and visibility of delivery operations."

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"FarEye's product is multi-lingual. Its mobile application (in iOS & Android) can adapt to geographic-specific logistics processes. This helped us to ensure that Amway's 3PL partners were providing the experience guaranteed by our brand name."

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"Supply chain providers across the globe are aiming to achieve complete visibility and seamless collaboration amongst all the stakeholders."

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Tata Steel

"FarEye has consistently exceeded all my expectations, I am particularly impressed by their customer focus in creating analysis and value adding activities for FAMD on their own accord which has helped us immensely. They are extremely accessible."

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"Blue Dart is delighted to partner with FarEye. We are a highly focused and insanely customer-centric brand and this partnership will only enable to enhance the experience for our customers."

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