About Us

FarEye has designed the world’s first BPM Engine for the modern-age logistics function, enabling companies to become agile and reduce their go-to-market time. A typical value chain of an organization is inclusive of customers on one end and suppliers on the other. FarEye seamlessly integrates both ends impacting not only the cost side of the value equation, but also fuels growth by enabling businesses to create value added services on top of its platform. These offerings, including but not limited to - time-slot deliveries, parcel shops & locker deliveries, direct to consumer model, easy returns, elastic logistics, crowd-sourcing, customizing delivery happiness platform, personalized deliveries and many others – increases revenue streams and give businesses a competitive edge, to win every time.

FarEye is enabling a whole new tier of analytics at the meta-data layer wherein its engine feeds on refined, analyzed and intelligently automated pool of data. This set of ‘intelligent’ analytics translates real-time visibility into predictable ETA, Live Tracking and event notifications/alerts. The big data engine fuels on FarEye’s artificial intelligence capabilities to learn about route and customer behaviour for an enhanced experience.

As organizations become increasingly conscious of their efforts towards environmental sustainability, FarEye enables businesses to cut down their carbon footprints by automating their end-to-end logistics operations and eliminating manual repetitive tasks. FarEye is turning software into a human experience and creating better experiences for its customers by looking into the minutest detail that everyone else has ignored.

FarEye is empowering the logistics & distribution wings of enterprises across industries, by breaking down operational silos and enabling multi-enterprise collaboration. Thus, helping organizations to champion operational efficiency and customer experience.

FarEye executes more than 500 million shipments annually and has helped in increasing the first-time attempts by 25%, reducing the fuel expenses by 28% and increasing the customer visits by 66%. FarEye has been empowering the logistics wings of over 100 large organisations across 20 countries globally.

About us

FarEye’s technology solutions revolutionise enterprise operations by empowering the field workforce of a client company using a powerful mobile platform. FarEye’s intuitive dashboard delivers real-time visibility to CXOs to better serve their customers. This empowers the enterprises to build a competitive advantage by improving its agility. Read more