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Achieve timely delivery & fulfillment

With omni-channel retail’s exponential growth, the complexities of managing logistics increases too. Today, retailers face challenges in balancing cost, carriers & customer expectations. A strong logistics framework is the key differentiating factor to boost customer satisfaction and this encompasses having a robust last mile delivery setup and an optimized mid-mile - warehouse/DC-to-store leg.
We help you deliver a superior customer experience with instant visibility and operational control over every leg & achieve timely delivery and fulfillment.

4 Real-Life Use Cases That'll Inspire You To Digitalize Delivery Operations

Customer experience - A commitment for all
(including carriers)

Timely availability of inventory on the storefront is key to ensuring a smooth customer experience. Effective carrier partnerships, when run efficiently, power this and FarEye helps retailers achieve this. This is essential even to power last mile deliveries where the pickups effectively happen from dark stores or retail outlets. Achieve organization-wide commitment to customer experience by aligning your partners.

What Do You Get?


Timely fulfillment

Effective mid-mile logistics - warehouse/DC to store, with multiple carriers leads to timely fulfillment. This ensures that no customer goes unhappy due to product unavailability which is often a key reason for customer dissatisfaction. By effectively managing driver schedules, ensure there are no extended wait-times at unloading points on your storefront.


Cut manual operations by 50%

Enterprises lose many hours planning movement of goods from DC to store or store to customer through manual allocation and routing operations. With FarEye’s automated allocation and machine-learning driven routing, you can cut up to 50% manual operations and reduce cost overheads.


Consolidated carrier management

Get your carrier ecosystem the flexibility and ease it needs to work with multiple partners. Ready-to-use 3PL connectors help you plug and play into any 3PL ecosystem. Get the best out of your 3PL network through speedy and secure connections with multiple ecosystems. Cut short cash reconciliation cycles and issue resolution through quick execution of processes.


Play with in-house stack

With heavy dependence on your in-house tech stack, FarEye allows you to seamlessly plug and play with your existing infrastructure. It reinforces the flexibility your systems need to communicate with each other and facilitates the orchestration process.

How Do We Do It?


Data-driven Carrier Selection


Driver Crowdsourcing App


Routing Operations




Customer Tracking


Proof Of Delivery

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