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The Last Mile is Largely Outside of It

January 13, 2021

While there is a lot of talk and frenzy around the last mile, let us take a bird’s eye view of the big picture. What we would see is likely to startle us because, irrespective of whether one has the perfect last mile network or not, its effect largely depends on factors outside of it.

Route Planning in 2021: How To Do It Right and Why It’s Time To Ditch Traditional Routing Practices

January 13, 2021

Modern route planning and optimization tools are transforming the way enterprises execute delivery and logistics operations. A decade ago customers were willing to wait for a few days for their parcels to arrive. Not anymore. Manual route planning and scheduling of multiple stops would take hours and it was not always cost-effective and efficient.

5 Trends That will Disrupt Manufacturing Supply Chain and Logistics in 2021

January 07, 2021

The new decade is starting on a higher note than ever that we have seen in the past with the pandemic shattering everything we believed about the supply chain. As we enter 2021, let us take stock of what are the major trends that are disrupting logistics and manufacturing supply chains.


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