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3 Reasons Why Route Optimization Is The Key To Successful Deliveries

Research indicates that two-thirds of a company’s competitive edge is based on the experience it delivers to its customers. It is also a known fact that retaining existing customers is much cheaper than onboarding new customers. Either way, whether your business is focused on customer acquisition or retention, your customer experience (CX) strategy is the key to achieving your business goals. No wonder, Gartner predicts that over 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to CX innovations in 2019. But where should you start?

Route Optimization Process

Right at the end, we’d say!

Yes, in the age of same-day deliveries, customers often choose their brands according to the speed of delivery offered. In a recent survey, over 98% of US internet users reported that shipping impacts their brand loyalty. 83.5% added they wouldn’t buy from a retailer after a single negative delivery experience. 

The same survey also indicates that customers want more control over their deliveries. 90% of customers expect to be able to intervene after providing an incorrect address for delivery. Over 50% expect the ability to reroute a package to a different address or request an in-store pick-up, while the item is in transit. 

In addition to speed and greater control, customers also demand accurate deliveries and expect the delivery personnel to be prompt and polite.

Phew, that’s a lot to ask for! That's why we asked you to start at the end. 

Optimize Your Deliveries With A Route Mapping Software

Did you know that UPS trucks save up to 10 million tons of gas every year by merely avoiding left turns? Another report indicates that up to 60% of crashes are caused by left turns at intersections. 

Wouldn’t you like such intelligent insights to deliver your cargo safely, efficiently, and at a lower cost? If yes, it is time to ditch the pen and paper and invest in a route planning software that will give you the edge over competition in the following ways:

Intelligent Route Planning for Faster and Efficient Deliveries

A delivery route planning software is equipped with machine learning technology to sieve through hordes of historical data for actionable insights. Such analysis helps you figure out the most efficient routes for your delivery by taking into account traffic jams, driver idling time, no-entry time windows, tonnage, etc. 

Such a system also enables real-time updates that alert you if the driver is over-speeding or taking long halts so that you can contact them directly to prevent such issues. Drivers also receive real-time updates regarding traffic and any upcoming diversions to save precious time.

Enable Real-Time Coordination with Your Customers

As we previously mentioned, today’s customers wish to have more control over their deliveries. With a route optimization software in place, your delivery agents will receive instant notifications regarding customer updates, preventing unnecessary trips where deliveries cannot be fulfilled due to customer unavailability. 

Streamlined Workflow for Happier Employees

Satisfied customers and happy employees are the pillars of any successful organization. However, cumbersome delivery planning, unexpected traffic congestion, and missed updates from customers lead to frustration amongst your last-mile delivery partners who may fail to meet their daily targets. This also leads to unrest amongst your customers who fail to receive their items on time.

By adopting a delivery route planning software, you can streamline your workflow through the intelligent allocation of deliveries. This helps you schedule your delivery executives’ day in advance, giving them a head-start to complete their allocated deliveries. Smart work allocation by the software also means that the deliveries will be scheduled in a logical order to optimize the number of shipments. 

Now, isn’t that a win-win situation for everyone?

At FarEye, we have transformed hundreds of businesses with our intelligent route optimization software that promises improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction levels. Signup for a demo here to know how we can transform your business.

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