COVID-19: Why Temperature Tracking is Integral To Last Mile Delivery

In the context of logistics, temperature tracking used to mean an entirely different thing before the onset of the pandemic. 

The initial months of 2019 has led to a flurry of bespoke fleet temperature monitoring systems and tracking mechanisms. All this is the result of the fear triggered by the ongoing pandemic and rightly so, COVID-19 is deadly.  This has also resulted in a situation  that has greatly increased our dependency on online or home deliveries and that's not going away anywhere for a significant amount of time.

What are retailers, especially food and grocery delivery companies doing to tackle this? 

It is evident that these behavioural changes are here to stay. Customers will stick to only those brands that guarantee that extra layer of safety to them. Apart from safety protocols in the warehouse and store, the delivery is a key piece. Contactless deliveries are increasingly becoming part of the new normal. But, what is the difference between limiting it to contactless proof of deliveries, doorstep deliveries, and going one step ahead to get to the very core of it? 

Temperature tracking is usually associated with cold storage transportation in long haul logistics. In general, it was always associated with movement chemicals, pharmaceuticals, processed food etc. in a temperature controlled environment. 

However, when it comes to the last mile, especially delivery of food, grocery, apparel, furniture etc., it is a relatively new concept. As a reaction to the pandemic and as part of one of the most crucial safety measures to not just provide comfort to the customer about safety, but also a key competitive advantage, enterprises were looking for different ways to ensure transparency about their safety initiatives.

The new normal requires the customer to be constantly updated and assured of safety. While providing track and trace functionality in the last mile is important for a superior customer experience, ensuring that the driver’s temperature and health-check parameters are part of it too, is an essential step. 

At FarEye, early in March - 2019, we launched FarEye SERVE which was a $0 offering to power contactless deliveries for enterprises to ensure continuous and safe deliveries of essential items. 

That gave us a lot of learning with regard to how advanced contactless capabilities are becoming part of customer expectations in the new normal. 

Today, driver temperature tracking is an essential and a most-used part of delivery tracking both by enterprises and customers. Our initial breakthrough in being able to provide this functionality to customers has helped us offer this as a bundled along with our logistics orchestration platform. 

Additionally, to learn how enterprises are using and adapting their deliveries with advanced contactless capabilities, you could watch the webinar below.

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