Delivery Management Software For Efficient Delivery Operations & Superior Customer Experience

Assume that your customer is delivered with the wrong product, or the delivery is delayed, and customer experiences longer wait times. Any of these cases can make you to lose customers and spoil your reputation.

Have a proper delivery management software in place to prevent these kind of situations

This software helps you to keep track of delivery agents and their activities by giving a holistic view of all deliveries. At any moment, agent can be assigned with a duty along with the timeline during which delivery has to be made. On the other hand, agents are provided with the mobile app that will render all details about the customer’s order. They can also keep customer informed in case of any delay.

In order to ease the process of choosing the right software, we have covered all the information below:

What is delivery management software?

It is a tool used to streamline the delivery process from beginning to end. It can help both Drivers(Agents) and End Consumers. Agents can automate dispatch operations, pick-up processes and also receive optimized routes to reach customer fast, so the deliveries. On the other hand, end customers can track their package statuses in real time and have all driver details on the hand. Customers can call the driver to know their shipment status.

What are its features?

Before investing, understand the software features and how it can help your delivery business. Few of them are below:

Real-time vehicle tracking

Real-time tracking of vehicles allows managers to track the location of vehicle and also gives

shipment visibility to end customers

Route optimization

This feature optimizes the delivery routes and offers the shortest and best route

Control Dashboard

View and control all the delivery operations in one place such as new shipment allocation,

vehicle and driver tracking with coomunication

Tracking for End Customer

Customers can track the vehicle and driver, get status on their orders and an option to rate their experience.

Automatic Dispatch Management

Save yourself from the headache of manually assigning delivery jobs by identifying the driver

who is idle. The tool can do it automatically.

Past Delivery History

Get the details of past and present deliveries such as order ID, Order tracking number,

Customer address and name.etc.

What is your organization size?

The software is suitable for different sized organizations based on the complexity of the delivery operations they handle. We can classify the requirements into two categories:

  • Small and Medium Size businesses: If your business is small or medium sized with a few drivers and agents, then you may need a software that can offer Automatic dispatch and pickup, real-time vehicle tracking, route optimization.etc

  • Large sized Business: Large sized businesses can opt for more advanced features such as dynamic route optimization, heat maps to know the areas where there are higher delivery rates and allocate more drivers and EOD for the end consumer to rate and sign digitally.

Benefits of Delivery Management System

It can offer the following benefits to your business:

  • Improved Delivery Efficiency: It enables managers to track the order statuses, mode of delivery, route being followed, customer name and address. This can result in better deliveries and superior customer experience.

  • Error Free Dispatch & Deliveries: The software can dispatch, and schedule deliveries based on the the resource availability. It leads to error free deliveries.

Factors to consider while selecting Delivery software:

Check for the below factors below while purchasing

  • Integrations: Ensure that the tool you are buying is compatible with your existing software such as Warehouse and inventory and transport management software or eCommerce software.
  • User Friendly and support: Ensure that the software is easy to operate and feasible even for a non-technical person along with the good customer support from the software provider.
  • Delivery Driver App: Ensure that the software offers mobile app for a Driver. This should enable driver to send messages to customers, capture delivery notes and enable EPOD.

Leverage our Intelligent Delivery Management software to execute on-demand deliveries in less time, shrink operational expenses and boost productivity. Delight your customers and offer a great experience by optimizing logistics and routing operations.

Shipment Delivery Tracking Software for Monitoring Delivery Operations Efficiently

Track your Driver location and vehicle in real time. Visualize the best route, reduce delivery times and save fuel costs. Track key KPI such as

  • On-time delivery rates
  • Driver/Vehicle Idling time
  • Customer notifications & feedback
  • Route being followed
  • No. of successful/unsuccessful deliveries.

Delivery Scheduling and Management:

Automate and adjust delivery schedules by real-time route optimization. Enhance Scheduling operations by tracking

  • Efficiency of the Planned Route
  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Fleet efficiency
  • On-time / Delayed Deliveries
  • Estimated Arrival Times

Shipment sorting before delivery


Stop spending hours of time making a delivery route and avoid unnecessary delays in deliveries. Achieve scheduled ETA, prevent unhappy customers and keep drivers happy by sending them optimized driving routes to their mobile phones.

Our Dispatch feature can:

  • Package and shipment sorting
  • Driver allocation
  • Route planning & optimization
  • Real-time notifications to customer, driver and shipper.
  • Generate Digital invoices.


Delivery Management Via Driver Mobile App

FarEye’s Mobile app deployed on Drivers mobile helps to synchronize allocated packages, routes and gives customer details (Phone No and address). Delight your drivers by giving them data such as point-to-point routes, Bar code scanning and package matching, order status updation and proof of delivery notifications.

live tracking during delivery


Courier Delivery tracking enables easy supervision of delivery operations. Powered by Digital Control Tower(DCT), it helps managers with

  • Real-time Fleet Tracking and Visibility
  • Holistic view of Ground Level operations
  • Managing KPIs
  • Driver location and route being followed
  • No of successful / Failed deliveries.

Real time delivery tracking management

This handy data can help logistics managers to quickly analyze delivery performances, cost of Last mile and Customer experiences.


eCommerce Delivery Management and Tracking Software

Optimize delivery routes:

Help Drivers with the shortest path to reach customer location thereby achieving fleet productivity and on-time deliveries.

Boost Fleet Visibility:

Get Real-time data such as Vehicle Location, vehicle fully loaded and used to its maximum capacity or not, Vehicle idling time.etc. Powerup managers to abnormal driver behaviors like over speeding, long idling, unnecessary braking and more.

Enhance Customer Experience:

Let your customers know where their package is, who will deliver, when will it be delivered, estimated arrival time and delays if any

Customers can also rate their experience and communicate with logistics carrier agents to raise the issues.

Increase Profitability:

FarEye’s route optimization software to reduce the travelling distance, reduce fuel consumption and boost the success of deliveries.

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

Reduce Vehicle idling time and no of miles travelled for each delivery thereby reducing fuel consumption. Leverage ePOD and eliminate paperwork.


In order to improve transportation visibility, reduce delivery costs and offer superior consumer experience, FarEye has deployed its Delivery Management Software. Our AI and machine learning powered delivery software is helping 100s of logistics companies across UK, Europe, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Dubai and all over the world. To know more click here for a demo now.


What is delivery management software?

Delivery management software is a tool that helps enterprises in managing the delivery lifecycle by planning, optimizing and executing deliveries. 

Common features of delivery management software

The common features of delivery management software are real-time tracking of delivery agents and carriers, a driver app that sends real-time updates to managers, and helps in navigation and communication with customers along with registering proof of delivery. Along with fleet management, the delivery management system provides a single dashboard which is the centralized repository of all delivery-related data that can be used to monitor orders and delivery performance.

Benefits and potential issues

The benefits of delivery management software range from an increase in on-time and first attempt deliveries to the minimized delivery cost. It enables efficiency in planning delivery routes, vehicle utilization, and end-to-end visibility of supply chain operations. The drawbacks of using delivery management software are negligible.

Key considerations

While choosing a delivery management software enterprises must ensure that the software can be easily integrated into the existing supply chain and logistics management systems of the company. The software should be one that can be deployed easily.

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