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How 6 Industries Can Drive Logistics Route Optimization & Planning To Enhance Logistics Operations

Today businesses that are heavily dependent on supply chain efficiency are grappling with questions like how do I stay relevant in the face of constantly evolving customer demands? How can I reduce logistics route planning expenses? How can I make deliveries profitable by driving seamless logistics route planning?

To address these challenges business need to digitalize core logistics processes and routing is one such area that needs a complete revamp. From eCommerce, healthcare, manufacturing to telecom, logistics route planning software can be of immense help when executing logistics operations. 

What is logistics route optimization software?

Logistics route optimization software empowers enterprises across industries to generate highly efficient routes to execute on-time deliveries. Such software takes into consideration external factors like weather conditions, traffic, one-ways, etc. and internal factors like empty-miles, tonnage, fuel consumption, delivery urgency among others while optimizing delivery routes in real-time. Modern logistics route planning software shrinks delivery turnaround, improves customer experience, boosts delivery productivity and make deliveries profitable.

Well, that is how we define logistics route optimization software. But to understand the software better, it's important that we speak a line or two about what is route optimization in logistics.

Route optimization & planning in logistics?

Route planning for logistics refers to a core element in delivery execution that includes unearthing routes that are highly efficient and not just short. First, businesses need to leverage historical data to discover routes that help a delivery executive complete her or his task by using less fuel and less time, not a easy goal to achieve with traditional routing strategies. Then comes the part where delivery stakeholders need to enhance a route's performance by ensuring multiple deliveries are done using one route. After this comes the route optimization in logistics bit. Route optimization ensures that whatever route is assigned to a delivery executive, it constantly undergoes improvement based on factors like traffic congestions, one-ways, tonnage, weather, empty-miles and more.

Now, that we have established what route optimoization software actually stands for, let's do a deep dive on how it can empower different industries.


eCommerce has transformed the way people all over the world buy products and it’s evolving fast. For eCommerce businesses, what was perceived as yesterday's ‘good-to-have’ has now become a ‘must-have’. Savvy customers want their orders to be delivered on time. The need to deliver on-time is gathering immense significance with the growing popularity of same-day deliveries. In fact, eCommerce businesses will be rigorously competing based on their ability to deliver fast and with no added costs. According to studies, 56 percent of online buyers, between the ages 18-34, expect same-day delivery and 49 percent of shoppers say that same-day delivery makes them buy more online.

To balance cost and customer expectations, it’s imperative for businesses to implement logistics routing software. A logistics routing software empowers eCommerce businesses to make every delivery cost-effective. It can intelligently plan multiple deliveries based on proximity, driver productivity, one-way windows and more. It continuously optimizes routes to minimize delays and deliver on same-day-delivery expectations.


Businesses manufacturing healthcare equipment needs to ensure timely deliveries of the same to hospitals and clinics. As failing to do so will negatively impact the quality of healthcare. A common challenge that plagues the healthcare industry with regards to timely delivery of equipment is poor visibility and control of third-party logistics, something that can be addressed with a logistics route planning software.

Logistics routing software helps businesses pro-actively plan efficient routes. It ensures that hospitals and other logistics stakeholders involved in sending and receiving healthcare equipment get end-to-end visibility of freight movement. Route planning in logistics ensures seamless integration with 3PL logistics systems and improve visibility, transparency and performance monitoring. Logistics routing software with sophisticated automation capabilities can empower healthcare equipment manufacturers to deliver orders within 60-90 minutes to hospitals.


Poor visibility of logistics processes has been weighing down the manufacturing industry for decades. As much as 89 percent of manufacturers perceive a single view of the supply chain as a key priority, but 70 percent have no end-to-end visibility. With regard to the manufacturing industry, lack of logistics visibility fuel challenges like theft and pilferage and poor OTIF adherence.

Advanced logistics routing and scheduling software is powered by machine learning capabilities that can analyze historical data of routes previously traveled and generate critical insights on routes that are prone to thefts. Manufacturing businesses can minimize the chances of theft by 57 percent by leveraging a modern logistics route planner. Such software updates ETAs in real-time and helps drivers avoid routes with potential delays, thus ensuring timely deliveries.

Home Goods

With user penetration of more than 18%, the revenue in the furniture and homeware segment amounts to US$44,483m in 2019 in the US. The online home goods marketplace is quite the battleground now. It’s no secret that to ensure competitive advantage, eCommerce businesses, like online home goods sellers, need to not only be sensitive towards price but also deliver high levels of customer experience. To achieve this twin goal, optimizing logistics operations is imperative. An easy way to do so is by embracing advanced logistics route planner. 

By leveraging a logistics route optimization software businesses selling home goods can ensure that disparate parts of a single furniture set, like a sofa-set, are delivered to a customer in one go without delays. 

Post and Parcel

Logistics is the backbone of the post and parcel industry. Poor logistics planning will make serious dents on businesses resulting in increasing delivery expenses, delays, repeated delivery attempts, and more. 

A common problem that the post and parcel industry faces, especially in the Middle East and developing countries, is inaccurate customer addresses. This challenge drastically increases repeated delivery attempts resulting in a rise in operational expenses and loss of productivity. Logistics route optimization software with geo-coding capabilities self-learns customer address-based on historical data and accurately highlights in case an address is wrong or right. It can generate ETAs accurately and increase customer satisfaction by 2-times. By optimizing routes in real-time it can improve fleet productivity by 15%. 


Telecom is a churn-heavy industry. Quick turnaround time to service customer issues and push infrastructure upgrades is critical to this industry. In the telecom industry, tower and network equipment are dispatched by manufactures based on part numbers in the Bill of Material. While this happens, some of the key concerns are theft at sight, oversupply and short supply of parts. This requires both telecom companies, equipment manufacturers and 3 PL partners to be in sync. Lack of this synchronization and collaboration causes several pitfalls like delayed or earlier deliveries in the absence of on-site technicians, lack of proper, secure physical space preparedness to place equipment which leads to damages, theft, etc. It is imperative to map the logistics schedule with project status. Better collaboration and visibility could save millions for telecom companies.

An advanced wedding planning software can easily integrate with disparate logistics systems like WMS, TMS, 3PL systems among others and ensure proper collaboration and high levels of freight visibility across different stakeholders. By generating accurate ETAs,  logistics route planning software empowers telecom companies to plan resources and manpower so as to ensure that productivity is not hampered.

These are just six industries we spoke about. Logistics route planning software powered by technologies like machine learning, IoT, analytics, etc. can help any business, across any vertical, that are dependent on supply chain and logistics. It reduces operational costs, scales delivery operations, shrinks carbon footprint, boosts productivity and does much more.

At FarEye, we have transformed hundreds of businesses with our intelligent route optimization software that drastically improves logistics efficiency and enhances last-mile delivery operations. To know how we can empower your organization to do the same, get in touch with us by signing up for a quick demo here

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