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How Intelligent Routing Can Empower Global Enterprises Battle CO2 Emissions

April 24, 2020

As transportation activities intensify owing to rising volumes of home deliveries, hitting the brakes on carbon emissions will become imminent. A dynamic routing platform can empower enterprises to shrink their carbon footprint by automating route planning, eliminating vehicle idling, reducing empty miles, and do much more.

How 'Dark Stores' Can Empower Businesses To Quickly Deliver Essentials Amid Lockdowns

April 05, 2020

Delivering groceries is complicated. Some items need refrigeration and some need to be delivered frozen. Then there are items that are gluten-free and some with gluten. Vegans have separate demands so do non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Basically, with regards to grocery stock-keeping-units includes far more items than traditional orders.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Supply Chain & Logistics Terminologies That Are Gaining Momentum

April 02, 2020

Some of the world’s largest retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, are struggling to meet this sudden surge in demand owing to lockdowns. Amid this ongoing crisis, there are some terminologies that have gained significant importance in the world of supply chain and logistics. Here they are.


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