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Contactless Deliveries 1.0 vs Contactless Deliveries 2.0 - What's Drastically Different

October 14, 2020

Contactless delivery 2.0 is a highly customer centric process of executing deliveries during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It sets the bar high when it comes to adhering to social distancing regulations, ensuring end-to-end delivery transparency and driving faster and safer deliveries. Contactless delivery 2.0 includes 6 key enhancements. Read on to know.

B2B Last-Mile Delivery: Key Trends and Expectations

October 05, 2020

The last-mile delivery is defined as the final stage of movement of goods from the last transit stop to the final delivery destination or end-customer. It is one of the most critical part of the delivery process. If the last-mile delivery is not optimized properly, it may have an adverse effect on the business.

Ways To Improve The Last-Mile Operations of eCommerce Deliveries

October 02, 2020

Over the years, last-mile delivery have indeed become a key factor that's bridging the gap between brands and their customers. Here's why. According to statista.com, home delivery was still the most utilized last-mile delivery option for the majority of consumers, with 85 percent of them stating they had their online purchases delivered to their home.


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