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The Changing Face of Delivery Routing Software: Lessons From Joe Whitehall

March 29, 2019

By leveraging Digital Control Towers, modern delivery routing software powered with real-time data from the largest GPS, ELD and telematics network, keep a check on current status of all moving loads moving on the ground from a central control tower.

The Magic of Auto-Routing

April 17, 2018

FarEye’s internal database of over 1 billion stored addresses improves the address quality by 20-25%. Another layer of intelligence is further applied to convert the text-based addresses to geo-pins on map for optimal routing.

Market Guide by Gartner: Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

December 28, 2017

Gartner has recently released a Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling, mentioning the notable vendors including FarEye. The report emphasizes the increased need for real-time, dynamic technology by logistics enterprises to improve vehicle routing in a volatile transportation environment.