The Secret Sauce to Scaling Efficiency & Profitability with Supply Chain Management Tools

Businesses today are running on a tight rope. More than ever, today supply chain stakeholders are posed with an imminent challenge--balancing scalability, costs, and customer experience. Savvy customers expect their favorite brands to make online deliveries faster, cheaper and more convenient. The question is how do enterprises scale operations to meet these growing customer demands and stay profitable at the same time?

To answer this question let’s consider Julia’s story.

Julia since the past ten-years was quite successfully running a pizzeria in Boston. The success behind her growing sales was a secret sauce. The recipe for that sauce was passed on to her by her grandfather. Customers loved it. As years passed by it became a very common sight to see boxes’ printed Julia’s Pizzeria lying on dining tables of the neighborhood in Boston, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. As online food ordering caught momentum in Boston people couldn’t resist the temptation of having good food at the comfort of home.

Julia is a smart businesswoman. She wanted to get the most out of this opportunity. Julia’s Pizzeria soon had its own delivery fleet. But as demand increased managing deliveries became complex. Her margins were becoming thinner and scaling operations seemed a herculean task. The complexities were mainly driven by factors like lack of visibility of delivery executives, poor and expensive resource planning, inefficient collaboration between delivery managers and executives, low productivity and inability to accurately benchmark KPIs. 

Julia realized that the best way to address these challenges was to digitalize core delivery operations by embracing advanced supply chain management tools. In other words, just like her pizzas, digitalization was her secret sauce to scaling delivery efficiency and ensuring profitability.

Julia invested in an advanced delivery management platform to optimize her business’ delivery operations. Some of the key features of the platform include real-time intelligence, instant alerts, automatic task allocation, milestone tracking, crowdsourcing and more. Let’s quickly glance through each of these features and understand how it helped Julia scale operations and boost profitability.

Real-time Intelligence 

The platform’s real-time intelligence capabilities allow Julia to trach and trace her delivery executives in real-time by just using a simple mobile application. This ensures that her manager is aware of any delays and diversions that are taking place while executing deliveries. In case of unnecessary diversions, the platform can quickly raise a ticket to the manager asking for corrective measures. Real-time intelligence also helps Julia’s manager understand if a vehicle is kept idling, this ensures that unnecessary fuel consumption is avoided and thereby reducing delivery expenses. 

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Instant gratification is key in this consumer-driven world. Julia’s customer wants to know how long it’s taking to get their pizza prepared, where is it, when will it reach them and if there are delays. The platform empowers Julia’s Pizzeria to inform customers in real-time how long will it take to prepare their orders, the exact ETA of the delivery and send automatic notifications in case of delays.

Single Pane of Glass 

The platform provides Julia with a single pane of glass view for all deliveries KPIs. Through simple yet intuitive graphical representations, she can instantly figure out how many orders were delivered on time, how many were not, how many are still pending, what are the customer ratings for a particular delivery and more. This significantly helped Julia improve KPI benchmarking. She can now directly connect incentives programs with the already set KPI by leveraging the advanced delivery management platform. This feature particularly has also empowered Julia to improve the productivity of her delivery personnel. Delivery personnel can also track their own performance by using a user-friendly mobile application. 


Through crowdsourcing, Julia's Pizzeria easily meets elastic demands with out affecting the profitability and bottom-line. This paves way for a more economically efficient and viable means to run her driver operations. She can quickly onboard drivers using a mobile application. The easy-to-use app allows her to execute a variety of things like registration to uploading identity proofs to status tracking. The platform onboard drivers from the available markets based on proximity, productivity records, cost and more. A major advantage is the platform's ability to centrally manage all the driver operations from a single window. This is of special significance for delivery stakeholders in terms of both visibility and control. 

Automatic Delivery Allocation and Route Optimization

Pretty much self-explanatory, this feature of the advanced delivery management software automatically allocates tasks to the right delivery executive at the right time. It can optimize routes in real-time to shrink delivery turn-around-timer and plan multiple delivery jobs for one executive based on the concentration of orders in a particular locality. In other words, it makes hyperlocal deliveries more efficient and profitable. 

These are the key features of Julia’s advanced delivery management platform. For her, scaling operations and ensuring better margins is not a herculean task. She has successfully unearthed the secret sauce that helps her generate awesome deliveries. If you want to run delivery operations just like Julia, signup for a quick demo here to understand FarEye’s capabilities.

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