What CXOs Need to Know About Dispatching Software

As a CXO, you're used to dealing with technological change. In our digital age, there are more ways than ever before to handle logistics, ensure quality, and keep customers satisfied.

One of the key shifts is in the field of deliveries and logistics management. It is more important than ever for a CXO to ensure management of the flow between the point of origin and the point of consumption. This is a priority area, and high-performance dispatching software is critical in handling deliveries.

There are many reasons for this. To make them clear, let's first look at the challenges to be overcome.

Handling Dispatching Challenges

Systems need to work well together for the entire organization to run smoothly. Unfortunately, there is often poor interoperability with small freight operators, who may be used to a different way of working.

Poor interoperability can also be an issue in the case of third-party service providers. Some of these are distribution partners, warehousing, and last-mile delivery services.

Routing is yet another critical aspect. If this isn't done properly, fuel costs, driver productivity, and risks could all increase. 

Lack of automation and poor fleet tracking are a few of the other challenges. Retailers and e-commerce companies, in particular, have to tackle these issues on an urgent basis.

If not, there could well be delayed deliveries, transportation issues and inefficient decision making down the line.

The Benefits of Dispatching Software

Fortunately, dispatching software is created to solve precisely these issues.

A advance dispatching software is powered by real-time dynamic routing. This empowers businesses to capitalize on fleet capacity and optimize last-mile operations. It can redefine service parameters and reduce operational expenses.

The many benefits of the right dispatching software include:

  • The ability to get more visibility over workforce operations
  • A skillset search to select the best people for the right jobs
  • The optimization of routes and schedules
  • The facility of on-time deliveries, leading to the completion of more work orders because of the time saved.

Features to Look for in Dispatching Software

By now, you should have a fair idea of what you should expect from dispatching software. 

It needs to be an advanced logistics platform that seamlessly connects with small freight operators, third party providers and others. It should enable real-time tracking of fleet operations for the entire period of the dispatch.

Further, it should be able to handle the complexity of same-day deliveries and the preparation of more efficient delivery routes.

Other features that will make your dispatching process easier include:

  • Automated task allocation and multi-drop route planning
  • Dynamic routing capabilities and intelligent crowdsourcing tools
  • The capacity to optimize last-mile operations

You also need a platform that handles proof of delivery as well as performance analytics. Both of these go a long way in preventing issues from cropping up and making the future journey smoother.

How FarEye's Dispatching Software is Suited For Your Needs

At FarEye, we are constantly driving innovations to ensure superior solutions to our enterprise partners.  We're delighted that our activities have been acknowledged in Deloitte surveys, World Post and Parcel Awards, among other organizations. Our deep knowledge of company delivery operations means that we've created a logistics platform that empowers you to painlessly digitize and optimize dispatch operations. It is something which hundreds of companies are already profiting from.

It ensures timely delivery, real-time visibility, proactive problem solving and operational efficiency. If this is something that interests you, do ask us for a demo right away. Signup for a quick demo to know more.

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