Why 1+1 is not 2, but 11. FarEye + Dipper?

As you are possibly already aware, we have a major addition to the FarEye family with the Dipper acquisition. We have been getting a lot of warm responses and queries regarding the same and I thought it would make sense to share this with you personally about the hows, whys and some more details

I met the Dipper co-founders S & A, a few months ago - we just got to know each other and it wasn’t like those fairy tale meetings where we instantly saw synergies in tandem and jumped the gun to make a decision. Though after the meeting, the one thing that struck me about Dipper was their pitch and clarity. Now, what the pitch was is a story for another day. After a few weeks of going back to the drawing board and discussions with my co-founders G & G, we met up again over coffee and things which we use to name our conference rooms at FarEye (Red - Wine!). What happened at that meeting was what one would commonly call ‘Magic Moments’ where we really got to know how 1 + 1 is not 2 but 11.

These series of meetings gave us a bunch of learnings which is worth sharing with all of you and is precisely the crux of my thoughts.

What were we seeking?

Our vision has always been to help and empower logistics companies in achieving on-time deliveries and operational efficiencies. While this may sound so basic, the one thing that we keep constantly hearing at events, conferences, trade shows, customer interactions, prospect calls is that ‘How are we changing the worlds of shippers and carriers alike?’ Historically FarEye catered to carriers and gave them unmatched business benefits. Carriers wanted visibility for their customers - and we picked up from there - wanted to create a solution which can revolutionize both the worlds in parallel. Hence - came in FarEye Transportation. The joint comprehensive solution will now enable shippers to gain end to end visibility of the freight and will give them access to preventive tools for optimizing supply chain operations and management.

Reliability, transparency and predictability through a robust technology platform that is easy-to-use have always been our core focus. We found in the Dipper team, the same vision which in fact, they had successfully demonstrated through a profitable business model. They had a proven technology solution for Transportation Logistics and had already onboarded some big clients such as Tata Steel and a few Fortune companies. In addition, they also had a great deal of clarity in terms of running a business profitably, the thirst for scaling and the right team in place. But, is that all? No prizes for guessing there’s more. 

What 'really' sealed it?

Familiarity breeds contempt. Right? Wrong!

Familiarity is comforting. Familiarity builds trust. Familiarity is convincing.

When we look at our beginnings as to how we started, what approach we took to building our company, we saw in Dipper, the exact same story. Well, exact may be pushing it too hard but quite a familiar story very similar to ours.

There was an alignment of vision. In fact, we had a common vision. The way in which we conceived, conceptualized and built the product was also very familiar to us. That familiarity gave us the confidence that, with this amount of synergies in tandem, we could actually make 1 +1 equals 11 a reality than a possibility.

are both passionate about their commitment to the logistics industry which completely aligns with what we are committed to as well. We strongly believe that this partnership is a key milestone in our combined journey and it has been an absolute pleasure to know each and every single Dipper champion who are all now part of our FarEye family.

With the Dipper team joining ours, we are now 200 members in the FarEye family, consulting more than 100 customers – targeting the trillion dollar logistics & supply chain industry, globally. Our capabilities when combined is extremely powerful and can be game-changing for the industry. If you have any thoughts, comments, queries, suggestions, do let me know in the comments section and I will make sure to answer each one of them personally.

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